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Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I received my Envy 17 less than a week ago and am already having problems. 

The first is that if my laptop goes into sleep mode it won't come out unless I restart the computer with the power button. It is the same thing if I close the lid for any length of time it won't come out of sleep.


Second windows 7 won't download updates successfully. It sees that there are many updates that it wants to download but always fails, which is strange because my internet connection does not falter.


Any help with my issues is appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I am having trouble with my HP Envy 17-1090eo as well. If I close the lid, which is supposed to put the computer to sleep, it reboots. Sometimes it won't even shut down properly, and just hangs on the shutdown screen. I always expect some childhood sickness on new computers, but hope this gets resolved soon. Also I keep getting the "Windows did not shut down properly" messaging when starting up again, but it never finds any solution.


Everything is updating according to the HP Support Assistant and Windows Update, so I can't seem to find out what the issue is. Have also cut down on programs that will start up with Windows without any improvent. So please advise.

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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I have had a similar problem since purchasing in June 2010.  After closing the lid, the machine sleeps as expected, but when I open it -- the display remains off (yet the drive spins up, the keyboard light illuminates, etc.)  I have to close it again and re-open to get the display to turn on -- and this does not always work (sometimes I have to power down by holding the power button to force power off -- not a good option under any circumstances).


Why is this happening?


Also perhaps related and even more annoying -- when the laptop is closed and in sleep mode, if I bump the desk or move the mouse (specifically the mouse movement is the trigger) -- the machine turns on while closed!  This never happens when running on battery, but always* happens if the machine's power adapter is plugged in.


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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I purchased HP Envy 17 3D laptop last week and it will not stay shut down.  After shut down it restarts itself within 5 seconds.  The only way to totally shut it down is the remove the battery before it restarts and then replace it.  Need fix for this also.

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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

Did you ever get a resolution on this issue?


I have 2 major issues with my HP Envy 17 Sleep:

1. It either takes an inordinate amount of time to wake from sleep (like I should have just shut down originally and rebooted which would be faster)

2. It shuts down improperly when it's in sleep mode and I get the Windows restart screen.



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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I bought my HP Envy 17 3D a few weeks back and have notced this issue as well, not happy :smileysad:


I also have the issue of complete restart because 'Windows has recovered froma system failure'


Has any one had the second issue or know of answers to either?


Points in the right direction would also help!



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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I have had a lot of problems with my ENVY 17t-2000 CTO (2D video) not properly awakening from sleep.  It seemed to get worse when I installed Service Pack 1 for Win 7 (which was another challenge).  Note: the computer seewmed to awaken fine, but the video wouldnt start and the hard drive would hunt for files constantly.  Only a manual, forced shutdown with the power switch would work.  Then a restart with the message that Windows did not shut down properly.  Extremely frustrating.


The good news is that I've found a solution that seems to be working great for me (at least right now).  First, ran all of the HP Envy updates including the BIOS update.  I've also installed the Windows 7 updates.


Now here's what has made the real difference.  AMD has a new graphics driver that can be found here on the HP drivers & software downloads site,  You need to ensure that this is the proper driver for your computer.  If not, there may be a more up to date driver for your computer that is appropriate and will fix this problem for you.  I'd first save the file to my computer rather than run it as it takes several minutes to download the file,   Then, I recommend a reboot and select and open the new graphics driver and install it per the instructions.  Note, this takes several minutes and you need to be patient.


All my best.  I hope that this solves some problems for some of you.

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Re: Envy 17 Sleep/update problems.

I have just bought an envy 17-2100 and have a problem with wakeup from sleep / hypernate.


When I make a scheduled task and set it up to wake the computer from sleep at a given time it does not wakeup as supposed.


BIOS is updated to F.16 and windows also up to date.


Anyone having same experience or solution ?

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