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HP Pavilion DV7 will not exit sleep or hibernate mode

HP Pavilion DV7-1264NR

Windows Vista OS



Recently my teenage son closed the lid on my DV7 without powering off (which i've never done).   I don't know if he did the start>sleep or start>hibernate (i never use these, but i suspect he selected one of these instead of shut down).  Ever since, it has not booted back up or returned to active mode.  When i try, the screen is black and it sounds like it's attempting to start but the screen just remains black with lots of keyboard lights on and sounds like its tyring to boot up.


I have replaced the battery with a brand new one (it was not fully charging prior to this and needed to be replaced and i read in another thread where a new battery resolved this type of issue so i went ahead and purchased a new one). I have removed the battery and power cord and re-attempted to start, but same results.  I have also pressed the power button for a minute with battery and cord removed,  taken out the hard drive and put it back in.  without it booting up i can't do much troubleshooting, i.e. change settings, etc.   Lots of suggestions out there but none has not resolved my particular issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7 will not exit sleep or hibernate mode

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Update on this as I have resolved it.  My laptop was not stuck in hibernate/sleep mode.  I ended up taking my HP laptop to a local PC repair shop.  they said the system board had been damaged beyond repair by the video graphics card, which gives out tremendous heat and can damage some of the (apparently cheaply manufactured) soldering on the ATI system board. Estimate to replace board:  ~$400! 


Knowing what the problem was i then contacted a local "pc repair guy" (found on Craigslist in Seattle, WA : A+ Laptop Repair. even though this guy works out of his home i would highly recommend him to anyone that has problems like this with HPs).   He was able to describe my problem to a T, and re-solder my system board connections that had been melted by the heat, and he reinforced the soldering (with pure lead soldering) so it wouldn't happen again.  the laptop then booted back up as if nothing had ever happened. price:  $75  go figure....

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Re: HP Pavilion DV7 will not exit sleep or hibernate mode

Could you please email me the information for the repair guy. I am having the same problem and tried everything recommended out there - but no luck.

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