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System Fan (90B) Error

on startup i get an error system fan (90b), does this mean the fan needs to be replaced?

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error



Please try these steps incase they done resolve your issue then you need to replace the Fan,


1) Go to HP webiste and update the Bios on the unit.

2) Clean the Vents off the Fan using a Air Blower.


Let us know how it goes!

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error



FanFan not operating correctly90BThe system fan may be malfunctioning.

For information on troubleshooting heat-related issues, see Fan Runs Constantly, the PC Operates Slower than Expected and Generates Heat .

It is also recommended that you perform a hard reset as that can sometimes restore the system fan to working order. See Use Hard Reset to Resolve Hardware and Software Issues for details.

If the system fan continues to malfunction, contact HP support.


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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

How can I update the BIOS and drivers if my computer will not turn on or stay on due to error message System Fan 90b ? I have tried the forced re-boot and it did not work.

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

Hello CCBee61,



I see that you are having a problem with the system fan error 90b, is that correct?



You will not be able to do the those troubleshooting steps if the pc doesn't stay on. The error will sometime appear and allow the computer to turn on. The troubleshooting steps provided by the expert resolve the issue if it software related.



With your pc not staying on it may actually need a replacement system fan.

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

had same issue and your suggestions worked great1 thank you!1

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

Shipped it back to HP as it was still under warranty and had fan replaced. Thanks for your help in this matter.

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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

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hello ,


i think Your porblem with Fan speed , not because of BIOS issue , try to clean fan speed with spray .

or if it avalable to change it , it will be more easy .



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Re: System Fan (90B) Error

Can you tried clean the fan ? I have the same problem and I cleaned the laptop's fan.  (16.07.2013) And still works great.

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