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my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

I have an HP laptop that keeps overheating then shuts down.  I am running Windows 7.  I have it on my lap with a desk top table with a fan running.  Is there anything I can do?  The internal fan seems to run forever.  This problem only started about a month ago even though I have had it about a year and have not changed how I operate it.

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Re: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.



Please try this:


I actually use coolpads for my laptops and very hot today therefore I have to bring few downstairs (My house only has aircon downstairs).



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Re: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

My 2 week old refurbished g7 1167dx cpu used to idle at 45 C until I removed the heatsink, there was some heat-transfer compound on it but was not evenly distributed across the cpu. The contact surface on the heatsink was visibly scratched so I polished it with #1500 paper,  and carefully applied a thin film of Ceramique and reassembled the laptop. Now it idles at 36C and after heavy use the cpu temperature does not exeed 52C. The interior of this laptop gets quite warm so I advise to have the fan on all the time. This can be done in bios setup. Still, the cooling is minimal. HP needs to increase the fan rpm in a new bios release. Otherwise, the system components are will have an accute rate of failure.  

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Re: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

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I've had my HP laptop for about 4 years, running Windows 7.  In the last week it's been heating up more than average and finally last it overheated and crashed.  Shut down.  I could not get it to power on again.


IDK why, but after researching on (another computer) online, I kept being told to check the power source.  I did and for some inexplicable reason pulled out the battery and only let the wall source of power run into the laptop.


IT TURNED ON!!!  For some reason, pulling out the battery and only allowing the laptop to be powered by a wall source has eliminated the problem for me.


I've been on my computer all day long, downloaded music, backed up all my files (natch), wrote and received/responded to email, left it on sleep while I ran errands and it's back to being the reliable little laptop I know so well!


I'm not guaranteeing that my solution will work for you, but I am shocked at how well it's working for me!  So try pulling the battery pack out and only running on wall power (I can't remember if that's the AC or the DC so sorry for lay terms.).  It MAY solve your problem.

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Re: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

Sometimes overheat is caused by dirty heatsink/FAN, clean them to see whether problem solved.

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Re: my laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

>> How to prevent and deal with overheating

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Re: My laptop keeps overheating and shutting down.

Laptop is HP about 2 years old. Overheating & shutting down problem has been happening for several months

but now is happening much more often. I can hear the fan running all the time. Have even propped up the computer about 1/2 inch to enable it to cool easier. I live in Alaska so it's not a daytime temperature problem.  :smileyhappy:

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