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I'm not liking WIndows 8 on my new HP 2000-2c29WM Laptop

I just bought an HP 2000-2c29WM laptop computer with Windows 8 64 bit operating system on it and i do not like it at all. Can I downgrade the OS by reinstalling WIndows 7? I have a full copy that I bought for my last laptop that has been destroyed. And where could I find the hardware drivers?

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Re: I'm not liking WIndows 8 on my new HP 2000-2c29WM Laptop



Yes if HP 2000-2c29WM  is the correct model of your notebook then here is the link with Windows 7 drivers..


HP 2000-2c29WM Notebook PC Drivers & Downloads

If you have HP Support Assistant installed on the computer(The Blue Question Mark) then open it ==> Complete all pending Updates & Tuneups==> Restart and Check. It may solve your problem
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Re: I'm not liking WIndows 8 on my new HP 2000-2c29WM Laptop

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HI Jf,


You can certainly "go back" to Windows 7 - some people do so and in your case, the drivers for your computer are even available to the change is possible without the pain.


If you want to think about some reasons to stay with this great new Operating System, please take a look at some of the ways you can make Windows 8 a little more comfortable while you "make friends" with it.



Windows 8 has a lot of new features, many of which are visible on the "front end" where the Start Screen has taken the place of the Start Menu Button.


There are some immediate things you can do that will make it easier to navigate that Start Screen:


  • Anytime you need to find something - a program, an application, or a file, you can go to the Start Screen by dragging your finger (for touch screens) or your mouse to the lower left corner of the screen.  Once the Start Screen is up and running and you can see your "Charms and Tiles" (those big icons), just start typing anywhere on the screen for the "thing" you seek.  This is your new "search and type" method.  You can use whole words, bits of words, whatever you think you need.


  • Think about using the Windows key to make things easier to find and tasks easier.  The Windows key by itself brings up the Start Screen, the Windows key in combination with other keys does all sorts of cool stuff:

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key + X



  • If you like your Start Screen and think you would like to make it even better, then you can customize it!

Windows 8 Charms and Tiles


  • New Windows 8 Login Options include the choice to log into Windows 8 using your Microsoft Account password OR the standard “Stand Alone” personal computer login.  On the surface of things the Microsoft Account synced account login sounds wonderful; many people wish to take advantage of the opportunities afforded.  USERS BEWARE!  If ever you have thought perhaps it is time to use a better, clever, and safer password, THIS is that time.

Understand that if you do not use the Microsoft login, you can STILL easily log into your Microsoft account later when you need to access the Microsoft store.  Whether you use the Windows 8 login depends on how you decide to use the Start Screen (sometimes called the “Metro” screen) setup and the level of connectivity you require to your Social Media environment.


Benefits of Using a Microsoft Account


The hidden danger of Windows 8 Microsoft Accounts


Windows 8: Put its hidden security features to work - Using a Microsoft account


How do I sign in to Skype for Windows 8 with my Microsoft account?



  • If you like most of the Charms (those little smart bar icons that come up with you poke your mouse into the corners), then you can use them as designed.  If it makes you nuts that every time you move the mouse (finger) into the corner of the screen the charms come up and get in the way, then you can disable the feature:

How To Disable the Charms Bar and Switcher Hot Corners in Windows 8


How to Disable Charms Bar Hint in Windows 8



  • The Task Manager is much smarter in Windows 8 and has been designed to be easier to understand:

How to Use the New Task Manager in Windows 8



  • POP3 Email is a bit weird - not everything works the way in which it has in the past.  Nonetheless, some of it does work and it helps to understand what is available:

How to Access POP3 Email Accounts in Windows 8



  •  It is so important to have backups!  So many people wait until it is too late.

HP PCs - Backing Up Your Files (Windows 8)


  • The “File History” backup in Windows 8 is a very cool new feature that you can set up easily to save backups of your data to an external disk.  For example, you might have a mini-tower, a pocket drive, or a USB drive attached to your computer that you can use for backups.  You can use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system, if you have one in your (home) office.


Example of a Network NAS drive Address would include the IP address of your local NAS drive, the master folder available for the backup, and perhaps a local folder dedicated for your own files:




The default File History backup catches the files in your “libraries”, contacts, and favorites settings and runs a new updated backup each hour of anything that has been changed, that is, “modified” since the last time that data was added to the backup.  Nice.  Under “Advanced settings” you can change the time between backups in various increments from ten minutes to once daily.


You can easily add folders to File History by adjusting which folders are in your “libraries” setting. 


NOTE:  If you have a number of folders in “libraries” that you keep there for your convenience and you do not require those folders to be backed up in File History, you can still “Exclude” those folders from the Backup using the “Exclude” feature.


If space on your external disk is at a premium, consider reducing the number of versions you are keeping.  Under Advanced settings, just to the right side, under where you decide how long to keep your backups, Click on “Clean up versions” > remove anything you can live without.


Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive (Windows 8)



  • After everything you know about the Start Screen, do you want to live without it?  Do you want that "Windows 7 feeling"?

6 Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8


  • Remember that Windows 8 does boot faster, too - you will be up and running faster with Windows 8 and on your way to whatever you want to do!
  • All the new software coming out - from HP and from Microsoft will from now on, be centered on Windows 8 and beyond.  When you are looking for support, most of the applications, the latest printer software's, even the ability to connect your computer to the rest of the world is going to be increasingly dependent on an up-to-date, interweaved, and secure environment.  Windows 8 helps to provide that pathway to the future.



Happy Computing!




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Re: I'm not liking WIndows 8 on my new HP 2000-2c29WM Laptop

I too have an HP 2000-2c29WM  laptop. I have installe Win 7. However I cannot locate drivers for the NIC, wireless card, or SM Bus controller. I have search the HP site to no avail. Help?



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