Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.
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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

I just sent off my computer to have some problems fixed and got it back a few weeks ago, right as the warranty expired. Then all of a sudden it hibernated and wouldn't boot back up. I tried everything I could think of. When I saw your "sweater method" I thought, "Sure, why not?"


Oh my gosh. It totally worked!! Thank you! What a bizarre solution...


Now I can hopefully troubleshoot to see if there's something malfunctioning a little bit easier since I can run diagnostics on it!

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Hi, I had this very same issue with my HP Compaq CQ62 and I had the Idea to open up the compartment where the ram was, and take them out and blow on them. That did the trick! Now runs like new! :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

I have almost same problem. Caps Lock blinks ( constantly ) and wireless button red.

mine is DV6z-3000 CTO with AMD Radeon discrete graphics. I was almost ordering from e-bay but still reading for possible solution.

I was trying to see if there is any option to clear CMOS ( old way ) but could not find anything.

I read the Frying mechanism described here and tried. Although my situation was little bit different . i had disassembled everything already so had to use little bit different technique , I just unplugged the pin for heatsink and fan assembly and let the cpu warm up for couple of mins , when i saw it was hot just turned it off.

Restarted and saw the display came back.

Now the only explanation I could give is when we are overheating the cpu somewhere in the board the CMOS getting cleared and it starts freshly. 

I am seeing duplicate letters in the bios menu , all characters are appearing twice now although after booting into windows fixes it. most probably i will need a motherboard soon . The GPU is screwed up most probably. 

Anyway thanks for the cool solution !!!

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

The sweater method worked for me, but only temporarily. The problem kept reoccuring.  I finally junked the HP and bought a Lenovo. I took out the HP hard drive and put it in an external Hard Drive USB case for $10 to copy my old files.  When my neighbor asked for advice on a new computer, I said, "Don't buy an HP."

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

I too NEVER post on these forums.  However, about an hour and a half ago, I posted on Facebook using my sister's computer:

"I'm on my sister's laptop right now because when I went downstairs earlier my own computer decided to 'check-out.' Came back, black screen, flashing caps lock, tried to reboot, tried the hard reboot, nothing.

"Found a forum where some whack job with the same problem wrapped theirs in a sweater for 30 minutes and it fixed the problem. Click to the next page, tons of people swearing it works. Apparently, the intentional overheating causes it to power down appropriately then reboots. We'll see if that works."

HUGE props to the "whack job" who wrapped its computer in its sweater!  Everyone in my house is amazed that this actually worked.  Thank you!

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Hello guys! I was having the same problem. I followed what you guys did. I turned it on and wrapped it ( Compaq Presario)  with my towel.  I left it there for like 20 - 30 minutes. when I came back it's already off. It was really hot, so I left it for another 5 - 10 minutes to cool down.  Then I turned it onand it worked! :smileyhappy: I then downloaded the updated version of my bios and flashed it( is that the right term? am not sure) and am currently using my laptop and it's working just fine. Am gonna have it cleaned tomorrow.. :smileyhappy:  Thank you all so much for your help guys! I was already planning to bring my laptop to a storeto have it fix. good thing I found this. :smileyhappy: I didn't spend a penny.. :smileytongue: 


Thank you! :smileyhappy:  :heart:



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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.


I got the same problem with Caps Lock and Scroll Lock Blinking and the screen is black.

Ususally I 'll keep the laptop inside the bag/Cupboard, but last time I kept outside and my guess was the dust should have gone inside.

Based on a post I read, I did the below.

Removed the Battery and the drive. Just tapped under the laptop and blowed air just to remove the dust which got jammed. Inserted the drive, connected the charger and switched On without the battery. It got worked finally then I inserted the Battery. The fan should be jammed by means of dust.

Hope this should work for you too.




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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Like others, I just registered acknoledge the post by rblencoe99. I have a Pavillion dv7-4060us that would not boot. The wireless light (F12) was just amber and the caps lock would blink once every 2 or 3 seconds. Wrapped it up in a towel for 20 minutes. I then switched it off by pressing the power button. When I switched it on again and voilà!...IT WORKS!


Temporary fix I'm sure but it works! rock dude!

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

Sweater method worked much to my suprise. I have a HP G56 and it would not turn start up, the cap lock button would blink once every couple seconds and the wifi light was red.... Ill be damned haha Thank you mysterious stranger

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Re: Laptop not booting, and CAPS lock blinking.

hello my name is tamara best i was wondering why my computer is not working when i turn it on the keyboard was  working and my screen wasn't booting

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