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Beats audio software set up

I have a CTO DV7t Pavilion with the beats audio software and speakers.  I bought it because I believed it would give me a better sound than the "regular" laptop HP speakers.  So far it's not the case.  I can't seem to find a happy median for setting up the "EQ" within the software.  


I use pandora and a lot and on my old HP pavilion dv4070, the sound is better when I use those 2 sites.  It's even more apparent when I use iTunes.  


Now, it sounds just plain awful even on the "default" eq setting within the software.  


My question is, is there an eq setting that someone can recommend that will improve my sound experience?  Because right now, I'm regretting that I chose this sound set up and not just a "regular" set up.  


Thanks in advance



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Re: Beats audio software set up

Not sure if you got this figured out yet, but...

If you are sure it is not a driver issue.  You might be in a situation like I was.


I had a this issue on my Envy until I found out what happened.  I was playing  with the settings and I had gone in to Windows Media player and went into the SRS WOW settings (by default they are off).  I turned SRS on and cranked the settings not knowing that Windows Media player settings will add to whatever the Beats audio settings are.  It was causing all kinds cracking and distortion.  


Do this to check:

Try opening an MP3 by right clicking on it and choose Open with> Windows Media Player.  When the music starts; right click on the back ground and choose: Enhancements>SRS WOW.  Here you can adjust it. 


Not sure if it is whats wrong but it can cause what your discribing. 

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Re: Beats audio software set up


  I am in the same boat! I am really unimpressed with the Beats audio on my new laptop. I havent done anything to change any settings yet on Beats or elsewhere so i can rule out human error. Right out of the box it sounds pretty pathetic for something the touted as being AMAZING. I can honestly say the Altec Lansing speakers on my other dv7 BLOW THESE AWAY. If you have a recommened config that maybe I'm missing please pass it along-- I really want to love this computer  and I want it to sound good.. So far not the case AT ALL!


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Re: Beats audio software set up

[ Edited ]

I just got my laptop yesterday and I've been trying to figure why the beats audio sounds like doo-doo.


@AceBandage: You're suggestion was the first thing I found and tried, but I use iTunes and the enhancement isn't applied outside of Windows Media, but it did make an improvement at least while I was using Windows Media Player.


I found a way to make the sound balanced and not uber choppy.


Go to Control Panel > Sound


Click Speakers and Headphones > Properties


Under Enhancements choose what you would like to enhance.


I clicked Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, and Loudness Equilization.


Next is the most important, click Levels.


When I first clicked this my Bass was set to -20 and my Treble to 4. 100% polar opposites and this was the default settings!


I set my bass to 4 and treble to 0 and I don't hear and crackling or clipping. I'm happy now.


You may also need to play around with the equalizer levels in the Beats Interface to get it just right for you, but the Beats Tour setting sounds decent now.


I hope this helps.

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Re: Beats audio software set up

Just a little fyi, i too had problems with the beats audio, but when i disabled the sound enhancer in iTunes, while listening to music in iTunes the noise had dropped signifiacntly and same with the odd sound compression effect.  Still, they are not what I expected.

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Re: Beats audio software set up

OMG this helped SOO much,  My beats audio on my hp DV7 sounded like someone was turning the volume up and down five times a second.  But the post about the control panel sound options fixed it.  It actually sounds decent now.

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Re: Beats audio software set up - Headphone noise

hi all,

I am terribly upset with the sound on my new envy 14 beats!

Speaker sound is terrible, also after following config steps.


Headphones have a background noise, even on mute (not related to volume), as soon as they are plugged into the laptop (no problem with ipad, my phone or any other device. Studio quality.. yeah right....


I have the latest driver updates.


Are you guys experiencing the same pschhhhhhhh noise? Any tipps on how to fix it?





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Re: Beats audio software set up - Headphone noise

I have the same problem with my envy 14. Speaker sound pretty much suck (as i don't use them a lot i am okay with this), but what really is bugging me there is background noise on the headphone jack (i'm using Sennheiser CX300). My old Samsungs didn't have this issues.


I don't think there is a way to fix is, guess it is an hardware fault. That there is no metal on the headphone jack just won't work

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Re: Beats audio software set up - Headphone noise

Beats audio on my Envy 14" with Beats headphones sounds awesome.

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Re: Beats audio software set up - Headphone noise

Same Story with me. this is so annoying 

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