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External Microphone problem

My head has exploded several times already because of this issue.

So everything is working fine on my HP Envy 17" 1193eo laptop, except when I plug in external microphone.
I've tried nearly everything what I can come up with my 10+  years experience on pc's and google, but haven't
found the solution.

I think the core of this problem is that in the recording devices windows 7 (64bit) thinks that the external
mic is somehow stereo mix? :smileyvery-happy: I got 3 devices there: Integrated microphone array, microphone and stereo mix.
When I plug in the microphone it will be set as default recording device, integrated mic is "ready" and stereo mix is currently unavailable. So the mic doesn't give any input to computer, but when f.e. playing music the volume bars starts to respond, like in stereo mixer. For further example if I record audio when external microphone is default it will only record system audio and the quality is really bad, same goes with communication softwares like teamspeak and ventrilo when trying to talk with people.
Disabling devices, updating drivers, another table microphones, configuring etc etc hasn't solved this problem and I'm really frustrated. Integrated mic is working fine btw.

Any ideas?

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Re: External Microphone problem



I have the exact same problem. I want to use skype and steam voice chat, the people on the other side of the line complain about me being too quiet. So I went and bought myself a new headset (including a mic). But unfortunately, I can't use it because the internal mic on the hp envy 17 takes priority. I do not know how to change it. I've tried making the headset the default communicating device and i've also tried disabling the internal mic. Nothing seems to work. Help would be appreciated.




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Re: External Microphone problem

I also experience the exact same problem.

I tested my table mic on other laptops - works fine. I just cant get the HP software to disable the internal mic and let me use my table one.

Seriously frustrating. Something that seems basic function is giving me gray hairs.

Please help with a solution somebody.

I am also on a HP Envy 17" like you guys.

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Re: External Microphone problem

same problem, same computer. I've also been battling with performance issues since i've unboxed it. I've sent it in three times and considering the fourth. The people who had it last said there was nothing further they could do for me and i should call another section that had more authority over it. I've been back and forth to school for the past few years struggling to get this problem resolved. if anyone resolves this please share on how to cause it would be nice to have a fully functioning laptop for once O.O

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Re: External Microphone problem

Same Prob i have with my Hp Envy 17 .. & i'm like **bleep** now i'm suppose to do.
Anyone fixya ?

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Re: External Microphone problem

same problem with my hp 1000 core i3 ,

i can't use my external mic

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Re: External Microphone problem

Same problem with Eny 14. Wonder if Beats sotware is connected. Sad to see no response to all these users.

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Re: External Microphone problem

Hi Izzyboy,


I see that you are having a problems with your external microphone. I will be happy to help you with this issue. What operating system are you using? What is the product number for your notebook? Do you have any problems with the audio from the speakers?


Thank you,

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