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BIOS issue

I have probook 6540b, HP advisor recommended BIOS update, BIOS was updated but PC now fails to start.

When Notebook is switched on, all LED's light up as per normal startup, then immediately shuts down, pauses for several seconds then cycle repeats. holding down the start button through one cycle switches off the pc and stops the cycle. The notebook was funtioning perfect before the bios update. HP advisor provideds many updates in the past with no issues at all. The notebook requires security passwoed at startup, and then requires finger print or password to start windows. I also have the theft protection softfare activated (as recommended in HP advisor)

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Re: BIOS issue

Try a hard reset, power down, unplug AC cord and remove Battery, hold the power button down for 30 seconds, connect AC only and see if it will boot.


If it recovers I advise Not to do bios updates unless it is to solve a serious issue which cannot be solved any other way, I never update my bios unless I absolutely have to, too risky.

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Re: BIOS issue


Thanks, I tried your suggestion but no change to the problem. Several of my friends have also said it's not wise to update bios.  I just assumed (duh!) that because if was advice from HP advisor, that it was the thing to do. After all if the manufacturer doesn't know what they are doing, who does? Thanks for trying anyway


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Re: BIOS issue

I have the same problem with HP 6540b. I was using the original bios from 2009 and there were problems with PXE-boot. I upgraded the F.20 bios and now the computer doesn't start anymore. Only the led lights are flashing.

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Re: BIOS issue

Latest news, took to HP agent they confirmed it was a bad BIOS flash and quoted me NZ$430.00 for a new system board?

How come, after using HP advisor (HP recommendation) and the BIOS update failing I have to virtually purchase a new laptop?

I intend to make a lot of noise about this because I think it's a "rip off" a couple of half page advertisements in the newspaper will be a good start.

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Re: BIOS issue

HI, had same issue in the last couple of days...


Needed to do a factory install from recovery partition and all wend beautyfully until i followed the HP Agent's suggestion to update BIOS and other stuff.


Did and last i saw was BIOS update in progress, then i came back to it a few minutes later to see the black screen and all LEDs on...


Phonecall to HO revealed that the BIOS update failed and rendered the motherboard useless.  Quote to replace is $950!


Thanks heaps...!

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