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hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

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My frends daughter took the hp laptop to america and subsequently the hard disc failed so with no recovery disc she went to a repair center and had a new hard disc fitted.


i ordered the system recovery disc from best2serve but the laptop would not boot from it?


I tried the disc in my HP Desktop and it worked fine so DVD player is suspect also.


I then tried my Dell Vista recovery disc from my C521 desktop and that worked fine.


If i then mounted the recovery disc it looked fine and i could read all the contents Strange Just cant boot from it.


Anyway downloaded the HP Bios update in case that would fix it (no good still would not boot)


so went back to my Desktop and built a USB Bootable flash drive with contents of Recovery disc


It booted fine and started recovery Manager selected rebuild Hard disc (cant remember exact words)


and shortly after failed error 1002 contact HP


have searched error 1002 and WoW wish i had just not wasted time buying the recovery disc as endless calls all say They do not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps It also destroyed the working Dell Vista that was on


can anyone suggest where to start

1) to Install Genuine HP recovery image from recovery disc (with suspect dvd)

2) get money back if possible


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Re: hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

Use F9 to get the boot device list, choose CD/DVD drive, hit enter, hit enter several more times when the boot menu disappears, see if it will boot from the disc now.



If no joy, Either replace the defective DVD drive or use a USB DVD drive.


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Re: hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

I tried esc key and selected DVD Drive but all it did was click at 5-10 sec intervals with light on the drive!


I have purchased a dvd drive from ebay that will fit the Laptop but HP support have sent email saying i would be contacted in one working day (maybe they are on holiday as its more than 1 day from 25 July!)


I asked HP if the hard disk had been changed for one of different capacity could that cause 1002 also did the disk have to be completly unformated as i had partitioned the drive the usb Flash drive worked fine i was able to even attempt to install windows7 Update with no problems it is just that recovery manager has some problem and it does not tell you anything apart from contact HP (who choose to ignore your Email for support) I also telephoned them and they sent another disk that is identical to original recovery disc hence no difference!

when Dell try and instal they offer some options such as do you want to format/ delete partitions etc the recovery managers just shows formating and then the error message!!!!!!!!!! urgh



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Re: hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

More on this saga,


the 120 gig drive replaced by 250 gig after first disk failed.

Purchased another dvd drive as could nor read HP recovery dvd (neither would work) :mansad:


the second drive has exactly the same problem it would not read the dvd-r or dvd+r copies that I had created.

Wasted my money on problem that did not exist:manmad:

( I should have known that XP and Dell Vista disks worked o/k so problem is with the Bios Firmware for this drive)


This time I used a USB Flash copy of Windows 7 Update DVD and removed all partitions leaving a completely unformatted disk.


Then rebuilt the USB flash drive this time with HP Recovery disk and started the recovery process. (the 1002 must mean I want a empty disk)


As I speak it has been going for over 2 hours with FBI gui manager doing bits of updating and rebooting.


one post says it will take 3 hours and 25 reboots ( i have lost count)


By Chance HP rang to say how was it going with replacement DVD that was sent (I bet he wished he had not rung he spent over 1 hour waiting with not much help as to what was expected to happen) :mansurprised:


Told him about not being able to read DVD (solution 5 year old PC may not be able to read it!!!!!!!!!)

any way Flash usb copy of DVD does work if that help anyone.


One of the reboots showed PC Angel? something about recovery but as FBI GUI minimised I did nothing (dissapeared after next reboot):mansurprised:


Then went into recovery Manager and said creating recovery please wait (another 1/2 hour) :mansurprised:


small problem ends with recovery manager said i wanted to recover and seems to have restarted the whole process again!!!!!





Will update if the recovery fails or works so it may benefit all

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Re: hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

After over 24 Hours now and Laptop has been rebuilt and Updated.


The recovery Disc created actually work Horay:smileyhappy:


The complaints department at HP Have reinbursed the cost of the recovery Disc :smileyhappy:


But They don't seem to be interested in helping any other users with fixing the 3 problems

1) Recovery Discs do not work (need a bios Update or DVD Firware fix)

2) There is no option to Zap any existing partitions on the hard disc to avoid the 1002 error

3) there is no Documentation Provided to help the user re-build his PC


Come on HP if you read this will you fix the problems!:smileymad:

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Re: hp g5000 system recovery disc fails 1002

Glad you got it going!

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