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Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Just bought the notebook a few weeks ago - my main reason for buying was the 6.5 hour battery life. Got it home, charged - guess what? 1.5 hour battery life. I took it back to the store assuming it was defective. Got the new one home, charged up - same exact thing. HP tech support online is completely laughable (and yes, I hope you techs are reading this) - all the guy did was cut and paste from the website that he sent me to, which told me absolutely nothing. I'm not a new computer user - I do understand that battery life depends on screen brightness, what you are using the computer for, blah blah blah blah blah. I have it on power saving so low I can not read the screen as easily as I would like to, and I was doing absolutely nothing that would drag the power down, such as watching a DVD, gaming, etc. Basically just email, internet, MS Office - standard things.

1.5 hour battery life - they must be kidding. My old Dell, 17" with not nearly the power this one has, got an easy 4 hour battery life - watching DVD's or whatever.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Hello pawhit,


This article has a lot of useful information for maintaining and improving the life of your notebook battery.


This one has some info on lithium-ion batteries and tips for improving the life of them.


Also, be sure to run the HP Battery Check to see if you have a healthy battery.  I hope this information helps.

I am an HP employee.

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Unhappy HP Customer

[ Edited ]

I just purchased this dm4 1253cl from Costco.

Fully charged and no application running - battery is indicaed 1hr30minutes.

Yes, I have the latest BIOS and other software etc. etc.


HP!!! Help or get ready for a returned computer.

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

I have already read all of the info that you sent, except the part on battery calibration. The other was most unhelpful, as this is a new computer, and as the other contributer here has stated, at full charge, brand new - 1 hour 30 minutes. So I wasn't using any programs, gaming, etc. Plus the screen is so dim that I can barely see it - just to try and see if the battery would show differently.


I wouldn't think a brand new, out of the box, battery would have to be calibrated - especially since this is the SECOND brand new computer I got and it was the same issue with the first. But in fairness, when I get home tonight to that notebook computer, I will follow the instructions, which I have printed, to recalibrate the battery.


I do appreciate your help - both as a contributor and an HP employee. I have to tell you - I consider this extremely false advertising, and it can't help but hurt the image of HP. I know I'm only one person, but I'm involved in a lot of business dealings and people come to me for advice on computer purchases. In all good conscience, at this point, I can not recommend HP because I am so very unhappy with this purchase - battery life is my first and foremost concern in a notebook, and is the primary reason I purchased this one.


I do hope recalibrating helps, and I will also be the first to sing your praises not only here, but to the brass at HP if this works. You will be the first tech at HP that has been helpful :-)


Thanks for your time!

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

I went through the whole calibration process. No change. Still shows battery of 1.5 hrs and runs for about 2 hrs. Surprising that HP is completely silent on this topic. Dont they care?

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Good - you did the whole calibration thing. SO DID I - and NO CHANGE!!!!!!!


Really, HP? Really? YOU are the ones advertising this computer with a SIX AND ONE HALF HOUR BATTERY LIFE. I'm not stupid enough that I think that is going to be the standard - I do understand the issues with usage, etc. But you know what? At an advertised life of 6.5 hours, I expect, AT MINIMUM, 4 hours.


I'm past the point of being able to take this computer back - my purchase coincided with a trip out of state and I was unable to get the computer back to the store in the time frame required. So I'm keeping it. I have no other issues beside the battery life, but you know what? My main, number one purpose for buying this computer was the battery life. I liked the computer for other reasons, too, of course, but battery life was key in my purchasing decision. I also looked at the Sony Vaio, and at a Toshiba.


I'm not stupid about computers, but after this episode I've realized I'm stupid about company loyalty - my work computer and printer are HP also. It won't happen again, I assure you, nor will any of my contacts have a good recommendation about HP from me. Your customer service has got to be one of the jokes in the industry - the tech I contacted CUT AND PASTED from one of your webpages that he sent me to, proving how inept he was, because when I got to that page, voila! There were his exact words. He couldn't be bothered to answer anything else or assure me HP would take care of it - it's a new computer, m'aam - take it back to the store.


Well guess what, Einstein? I did. And the new one has the same issue - as does the computer of the other poor soul posting on here with me with whom I am not even acquainted - proving THIS IS AN HP ISSUE. Can I be any clearer? I was pretty clear in that survey you sent me, too, in which I told you all the problems I've been having and GAVE YOU MY PHONE NUMBER to contact me. Have I heard from you, via phone or email? Nope. And I'm sure I won't. Apparently HP doesn't give a rip about the customer AFTER the sale. No wonder the video I just got of the American soldier machine gunning his HP printer rang so true - HP wants your money, but the issues will remain unsolved.


Way to keep repeat customers. I know a good customer service trainer if you'd like to hire someone to help you actually OFFER customer service - you have my number.

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

I have the exact same problem and done the same thing, it really does suck, have you found a solution yet?

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Well, well, well. Someone ELSE with the same problem. Are you still reading this thread, HP Powers That Be?


No - I haven't found a solution, but I will be happy to tell you what has happened since I wrote here.


Apparently SOMEONE from HP does read this forum. I received a private message from Customer Relations, inviting me to tell them my name, phone number, model and serial number of computer, etc. etc., and they would have someone contact me to get this resolved. I figured it was someone on here with a sense of humor, not really an HP employee, but what the heck. I sent the info.


Much to my surprise - they DID call me. (Don't get excited - the story is straight downhill from here.) The man told me they wanted to get my issue resolved, and first they would like me to call this number, talk to a tech, and see what the tech could do for me FIRST.




I can not even tell you how I felt when she said that. Anger, but rage probably comes closer. In fact, that bit of asinine information made me shut her down quickly. I still can't believe this. I told her fine, asked her if my case number was the same, because I fully intended to call the first guy back. She said, well, wait - I want you to talk to my supervisor because we use feedback for other things blah blah blah blah blah. Fine. Get him on the phone. I told him, in a nutshell what had happened, and he very helpfully told me they were sorry. Well goody for them.


Getting angrier by the second, I called the first guy back. I told him what she had said, and I said are you kidding? When a car is advertised to get 30 mpg, that is DRIVING - not sitting on the showroom floor idling. Apparently they are stunned if you actually make comparisons, especially in an angry tone, so he told me they would get me a case manager if I would just hold on. Ok - holding.


Now I get a case manager. With an attitude. He informs me that to come to a resolution here, they are going to send me a new battery. From where? The Magical Land of Oz? Apparently HP can't make a battery that lives up to their claims. I said let me get this straight. I bought a BRAND NEW COMPUTER, and the battery life is 1.30 hours. I assume its faulty, return it for ANOTHER NEW COMPUTER, and the battery life is again, 1.30 hours. So now you are going to send me a THIRD BRAND NEW BATTERY, and this one is going to work? He got very affronted and said ma'am, that is the resolution at this time. I said hey, no problem - you send me a battery that works the way you say it will, and we're good. He then thinks back and says, very smarmy, well, how long did you charge the first one for. I tell him, truthfully, 24 hours, but possibly 27. A full 24, but then I'm not certain on 27 or 29. It shuts him down, and he goes back to asking for my address and telling me to charge the next one blah blah blah.


I actually receive the battery the next day, letting me know they are REALLY ready to get rid of me. Not only do I get the battery, my case manager calls and asks if I got it. I tell him I did, and he says then he is closing this case. Right as I open my mouth to say, oh no you're not - not until I see what this battery does - he says, but you will have the same case number in case you need to call back. Ok.


I took the battery home, charged it for about 30 hours this time, and to noone's surprise - at full charge it's 1.30 hours. And I'm being generous with all the times I've typed 1.30. It actually says 1 hour, 27 minutes.


For an experiment, I left the computer on at that time, doing absolutely nothing. At one hour, when I went to shut it down, it was saying I had 1 hour, 9 minutes of battery life left. So I'm assuming for every hour you leave it on, not using it at all, it only loses 18 minutes of battery life. At that rate it would run down in about 5 hours, right? So still not sure where 6.5 comes from. It's moot, anyway, because nowhere did I find that info in the advertising. I expect, with a 6.5 hour ADVERTISED battery life, to get at least 4 - WORKING HOURS.


At this point, I haven't decided what to do. It's pointless to keep kicking, in a way, because they DO NOT MAKE A BATTERY WITH THAT LONG OF A LIFE. Period. So even kicking and screaming - what am I going to get? That Magical Battery from Oz that I expected? Nope. I'll probably call, when I can calm myself down, and let them know the new one is the same, surprise, surprise.


What I HAVE decided to do is to never, EVER, purchase anything from HP again - not computers, nor printers, which I have also always used. I'll find another company that stands behind their claims, and that I won't be disappointed in the product when I buy it.

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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Hi guys;


A "dm4 battery" search on forum revealed at least 6 forum user (pawhit, ccomotti00, vkaurahp, docfahim, ubasule, cueball1125) have problem with DM4 battery which lasts only 1.5 to 2 hours. This problem discussed on three different threads, but this one is the most replied. I have a similar problem too.


So what is your last situation on this issue, did you solved it? What is your suggestion to me? I've purchased a DM4-1300et yesterday, after first full charge battery life was 1.27 hour. Made a calibration as suggested (full charge, change power scheme, then leave on until battery empty). Now with "powersave" power plan, wireless off, screen brighness around %30 still it says 1.27h. Battery check reports no problem on battery.


I read a person on this forum have 4 hours, another user says he get 4.5 to 5 hours. Test results are also around 4.5 hours. So either HP manufacturing tolerances so large or there is a common fault on DM4 (as DV6's screen issues) .

I've been using computer around 20 years, used HP laptops in the past this just remided me my HP corporate laptop which its battery had died in 6 months.


Anyway, since i've just bought the notebook, i can make a replacement. Should i try to replace my DM4 with a new DM4, is it possible to get a 4.5 ~ 5 hour? Or just give up HP and get another brand having better quality, proven performance like Asus, Acer, Dell or Samsung ?



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Re: Battery life on Pavilion dm4

Personally - I'd go with Sony or Toshiba, which is what I should have done. I've had bad experiences with Dell, too, although I will say their battery life is fantastic. My 17" got an easy 4 hours - and that was watching videos, surfing the Internet, whatever.


If you will read my previous postings, HP's solution is to send you a new battery - if you holler loud enough, which apparently I did by writing here. Didn't solve anything - the new battery is the same as the old - 1.27 hours. HP does NOT make a battery, apparently, that lives up to their claims. The few people that ARE getting 4 hours or more are the exception to the rule, here, not THE rule.


As you will also read in my previous posting, HP's answer to the battery life was to tell me that they test by turning the computer on, and leaving it on, doing nothing on it, until the battery runs out and the computer powers down on its own, and that is the time they put for battery life. I've never heard anything that ridiculous, related to computer parts, in my LIFE. I didn't even answer that when I was told that by the tech, because only a company with no conscience whatsoever about customer relations would do that, and then try to make the public believe they were getting a battery with a 6.5 hour life.


HP tried, in their very inept way, to placate me by contacting me here and pretending to "resolve" the issue by hooking me up with a case manager and his resolution was to send me the new battery - although I have a new computer, and I've already taken the new one back once for another new one, thinking the battery was faulty. That means by the time he sent me the new battery, I've had experience with two. The third one that he sent me - same thing. But it's a user issue? NO, it's not. HP simply does NOT make that advertised battery - therefore they falsely advertise, therefore I will no longer buy their products, because I can not trust their claims.

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