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Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

My system is a ENVY Phoenix h9-1300 with 24MB RAM, Intel I5-3570 @ 3.45GHz with AMD Radeon HD 7670 1GB graphics card.


Just got BF4 and doesn't run would figure it would with this configuration.


Actually I had bought an older game MOH Warfighter and that did not run.


I love HP but **bleep** is it with PC games they just do not run at all


any ideas

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Re: Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

The most simple answer is that your graphic engine lacks the required onboard RAM.


The recommended PC system requirements for optimal visual quality and frame rates:

•Quad core CPU (Intel Core i5 or i7) at 3 Ghz

•4 GB memory (8 GB for 64-bit operating systems)

•A modern DX11 graphics card with 2+ GB of video memory, GeForce 600 series or Radeon 7000 series

•Windows 7 64-bit operating system (Windows 8 is supported as well)

•30+ GB of free harddrive space

Battlefield 4 is slightly optimized for AMD hardware, since the game also runs on next gen consoles, which are powered by AMD CPUs and GPUs. This means that gamers with AMD PC graphics cards might see a slight advantage. Both Nvidia and AMD offer Battlefield 4 optimized PC drivers



HD7870 w/3 GB RAM with Intel quad-core CPU or better



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Re: Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

[ Edited ]

The ENVY Phoenix h9-1300t which is the system I have and 1 year old this month comes standard with the Intel i5-3570-3.4GHz proceesor, my RAM is upgrade to 24 MB for Windows 8 [ standard ] [ not upgraded to 8.1] 600W P/S and the Radeon HD 7670 (1 GB). Believe the system also comes with some kind of cooling integrated system.


The AMD Radeon HD7670 supporsts DirectX 11 which is installed on my current system.


Since my standard specs are higher then the minimum and just short 1GB instead of 2GB video card that at least I would get past the opening scene which they shoot out the window of the car under water. The screen goes blank.


I actually bought [ amazon] the Radeon HD7870 2GB but returned it nothing was stated about connecting power connectors and was not sure how to do that part.

So I can't believe that 1GB video ram is the real answer.

Thanks for your response, any further you can think of please advise

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Re: Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

BF4 is a very demanding game, and a Radeon HD 7670 simply cant handle it.  If you have a HP Phoenix, then your 600 watt PSU can handle a better graphics card no problem.  It's not difficult at all to install one yourself, even for someone with little to no tech know how.  Look on line and you'll see countless You tube videos and instructions on how to do it.


Your i5 processor is fine but how much RAM do you have?  You say "24MB" I assume you mean 24GB?  Which seems like an odd configuration, but is possible.


But there is just no way a 7670 with 1GB of VRAM can handle BF4.  It will be like a slide show and unplayable.


You should conisder an Nvidia GTX 760 which is a fine card, and can easily handle BF4 on High settings with great frame rates.


By the way, the Radeon HD 7870 would have worked fine in your system, and would have ran BF4.

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Re: Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

Sadly I reaslized HP systems are not geared for really heavy gaming and will be replacing my HP with Digitial Storm's Bolt after a few months research

I've made my decision based on many factors to include reviews, a lot of time spent on their forums reading users responses[ whom are primarily gamers  and responses by DS admin's  within the forums and of course watching videos on the systems.


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Re: Battlefield 4 on HP Envy Phoenix disapoint

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Well good luck to you.  Its your money so get what you want and enjoy it, and you're certainly entitled to your opinion about HP, but I disagree.


I have an HPE H9-1102t Phoenix, with a i7 3770k CPU, a 250 GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD as the boot drive, a Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM HDD, a BD ROM drive, and an MSI GTX 680 graphics card (2GB), and 16GB of Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM.  It is a blazing fast gaming system.  I mean blazing fast.


I can run ANY current generation game at the highest of settings with great frame rates  Tomb Raider, Borderlands 2, Dead Space 3, Assassins Creed III).  And I have been playing BF4 since it came out, and average 60+ FPS on Ultra settings with spikes into the 80s.  I'm playing on a 22" LG 1920x1080 monitor, and it looks fantastic.  I use a second Samsung 21" monitor (same res) to display CoreTemp, CPUz, GPUz, MSI Afterburner, and iTunes while I'm gaming.  Every game runs smooth as butter.  On BF3 my frame rates are typically in the triple digits, if not the high 80's and 90's (with every single setting at its highest).  And BF4 is just a tad below that.


I can also run Crysis 3 at max settings and it stays around 50-60 FPS as well.   It is a sight to behold.


There are certainly better gaming systems of course, but I have to give HP credit where credit is due.  The Phoenix is indeed designed to run games, and high end demanding games, if you are willing to do a few upgrades and a few tweaks.  Are there better systems? Of course so.  Cheaper systems?  Of course thats why I still build as a side hobby. 


Surprisingy, HP even allows me to overclock my i7 3770k (it has the closed loop liquid cooling and stays around 28-30C at idle, and never goes over 51-55C under the heaviest of loads), and I can boost frames rates even a another 5-10 FPS with a slight bump to 4.2GHz and the temps still stay fine.


I just completed a self-built Haswell rig with a i7 4770k, and it has the GTX 760 graphics card I mentioned to you.   It runs almost dead even with my HPE Phoenix, and on BF4, the HP Phoenix rig beats it (but has a better graphics card obviously).  


I know some folks have had problems with HP and with the Phoenix or were dissapointed, but I'm not one of them.  This is the first pre-built I'd bought in over 5 years (I got a special deal through my wife's employer or I prob would have never went for it).  Plus I've been lucky getting almost all of my upgrades for B-Day presents or free, so I've barely put an extra dime out ofd my pocket into this rig.  But to say my Phoenix isnt really geared for heavy gaming is way incorrect.  It is.  For the heaviest of games in fact.  


Not even knowing what your Digital Storm SFF Bolt has in it spec wise, I'm still betting I could run toe to toe if not beat you in almost every bench or game.


But best of luck and enjoy your new rig.  Digital Storm is a fine and solid company.

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