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HP Network Check Helper

HP Support Assistant indicates that "Restart needed" and also "HP Network Check Helper" add-on asking whether to Enable or Don't Enable. What is the HP Network Check Helper?


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Re: HP Network Check Helper

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The "HP Network Check is a comprehensive network diagnostic that can automatically diagnose, repair and easily help you troubleshoot the issue that is preventing your network or Internet from functioning correctly."


The HP Network check is part of the HP Support Assistant.  Is the above what you are referring to?


You will find HP Network Check under the Internet and Security topics in latest version of HP Support Assistant.

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Re: HP Network Check Helper

Yes, that is what I was referring to. Thanks for the information - it is helpful to know what I am enabling when given the option of Enable / Do Not Enable.



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Re: HP Network Check Helper

Thanks for the help!!
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Re: HP Network Check Helper

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Re: HP Network Check Helper

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I'm sorry but this is a peer-to-peer community of HP customers, and not a venue to contact HP directly. Most of the users here are consumers like yourself who are offering solutions because they like to help others, and any HP employees you see are here on their own capacity and not representing the company.

If you have additional or direct feedback for HP about their products or services, or questions about repair, you can use the link below for contact information.

If you have other questions and concerns about using the forum, please feel free to send me a private message.


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Re: HP Network Check Helper

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Hi There!


I'm a new user of HP products but I've purchased 2 new HP laptops in the last year.  I've always been advised that manufacturer software/add-ons only slow your computer and are unnecessary.  However, I've continually had issues with my network since getting these laptops.  The wireless router isn't the issue so that's been eliminated as the issue.  I even went out & bought a new canon MX922 because my prior printer did not have drivers that supported Windows 8.  I continue to have issues printing although after the installation it worked perfectly.  Then today, I noticed that my IE add-ons listed "HP Network Check" and I bugled it and found these forums.  Problem is, I cannot enable it bcuz it's listed as NOT AVAILABLE.  I have an HP Pavilion g7.  Would this add-on be helpful? If so, why isn't it available to me?  Also listed as NOTAVAILABLE is  "HP Network Check Helper".  Would these be helpful to me and why are they unavailable to me?


Please Help!

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Re: HP Network Check Helper

Hey MamaBear-1, 


I'm sorry you're running into this issue with the Network Check Helper and printing. The two issues may be related, but one fix may not resolve both. There may be more to the wireless printing issue. If you could elaborate on that some, it would be great. Is the printer listed in the Devices and Printers? Is it set as the default? If not, what is your default set to? Are you getting an error message when you try to print? 


Regarding the Network Check Helper, let me know what your g7's product number is, please. You can find that by pressing FN + ESC, or by looking at the HP label on the bottom of the notebook. Look for 'P/N' and let me know what that is. Once I've got your product number, I can link you to the latest version of Network Check Helper. 


Let me know if you have any questions about that :smileyhappy:



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Re: HP Network Check Helper

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First of all I which you had specified additional information as to how you are connecting to the Internet.


Because be can connect in a variety of ways, Ethernet - wireless. 

From Modem Ethernet to laptop, (in some cases depending on which Service provider you are using) this can also be from a Router/Modem combo provided by someone such as Comcast or AT&T.


If you have a simple Modem connected to a separate Router (Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin and so on). 


I want you to know that I had been working out of state for 2 months.  I came home and turned on my HP Printer which is connected wireless, turned on my laptop to print copies of my papers from work only to find that I was unable to have my system see the printer.


This at times can turn into a very complicated fix depending on the techs you get help from.  Believe me I was one of them.  So I tried everything I knew to fix the issue before making any calls. 


After 4 days of uninstalling my printer software, reinstalling my printer software (which never worked). Resetting the printer network settings directly from the printer itself still never worked.


I found that in my case my ISP (Comcast) had a broadband upgrade and had sent out notices to replace the modems which would better match their brodband upgrade.


Your right to some extent it really isn't a router problem.  However it very well can be a combination of both router and ISP modem issue. They must be able to talk to each other to work with all your equipment.


First call you ISP and find out if any changes were upgrade.  If so get them to help you.  (This may take a few calls and depends on how much knowledge and energy that tech is willing to take) don't give up!


If no changes were made. There are so many network issue that can effect a connection such as your virus protection program, and firewall settings. 


If you are working with Windows 7, Backup you current firewall setting from the Advanced Firewall program. Next go to Administrative Tools and Backup your Services (there is an icon on the top of the service program.

Next go to you router ip address.  Next copy the current setting for as many pages as you can.


Now try can fix the connection; Unplug the power to your Router and any Ethernet connections. Then unplug your modem and (remove any batteries if it has them).  The plug it back in and while you are on the phone with your ISP plug the Modem back in and put a paper clip (as a pin) in the reset part. Sometimes it takes about 3 minutes to reset (which why I asked you to be on the phone with your) they can see the reset when you may not be able to. 


Once this is reset then before you connect the router to the modem plug it in and put a pin in the reset part of the router.  (MAJOR! LOOK UP THE DEFAULT admin and password used to sign on to your modem) Linksys is User ID: admin Password: admin,  This is important because once the router is reset your current SSID and Password will be removed.  (one of the reasons I had asked for you to make copies of the online information before any of these actions take place.


Go to IE enter the IP address for your router: Under the Wireless setup page setup the Network Name (ie: SSID or Smith) on the Wireless Security page setup what you would like WAP, WAP2 Personal or Mixed.  Then give it a security password for your router to replace the current one used such as admin.


Now on your laptop: Go to Network and Sharing

Choose: Manage Adaptor Setting: Remove the adaptor close this page and the reopen Manage Adaptor Setting and add the the adaptor and during this process you will be asked for the SSID (which is Smith) and select AES or TKIP, next enter your new security password.


Restart your laptop and you should have taken care of any basic issues with network connectivity. 

If these steps have been completed. 

Copy this page send it to either the ISP tech or HP tech.  From here they wont have any choose but to cover issues relating to any HP connection programs or problems, because you have removed all obstacles.


Good Luck

If this doesn't help I hope it will help someone else.

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Re: HP Network Check Helper

I find it funny that this thread could somehow be considered "solved". This Add-On for Internet Explorer was installed by default on a new Windows 8 pc and gave me some serious pause.  The Add-On somehow "helps" by, by default, blocking every single page on the web.  It has to be disabled prior to ANY web page being accessed.  Not sure what that means.

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