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Hard Drive Replacement Cost

I purchased an HP desktop in December of 2009, model P6204Y, I had some problems with it crashing a lot and the sound volume wasn't audible. In July 2010 it was determined I had to return it, which I did and the motherboard was replaced. Now I'm getting errors with my hard drive, it fails the smart test and I'm told the hard drive must be replaced.


I chatted with an HP rep and since my warranty expired I was told I need to purchase the new hard drive. The price I was quoted is $275.00, I checked Amazon and the price for the exact same hard drive is $65.00.

(Seagate P/N ST3750528AS)

Also, I could not make a recovery disk on my computer, I tried many times and thought perhaps I was using cheap disk so I bought better ones, I still couldn't make the disk. So now I don't have a copy of win 7 64 bit, and since you can only make a recovery disk for 60 days after purchase, I can't make it now. I think the problem was with the bad motherboard.


So now if I buy the hard drive from amazon, I will also have to buy a copy of win 7 64 bit. If I buy the hard drive from HP, they will send me a recovery disk that will work.


I don't think I'm being treated fairly here. I'm willing to buy a HD from HP, but why do I need to pay so much for it?



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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost

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Contact HP support to order a set of the HP Recovery Disks.  ~$20  HP's support number is 800-474-6836 or 800-HPINVENT or online here.


HP Recovery Disks.


You can use the HP Recovery Disks to bring your PC back to a factory fresh day one condition on your new hard drive. These is no need to buy Windows.


Cyberlink recovery CD for new hard drives. When you have created this CD, insert it into the system that is unable to boot, restart it and wait until you see a window with a green check mark.  Then remove the CD and insert your first Recovery DVD.  Restart the PC and go through the process of installing the Operating System again. 


You don't need to buy the new hard drive from HP.

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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost

The rep told me HP's recovery disk won't work with a HD purchased elsewhere because they are 'tattooed'. They offered to send me the recovery disk free of charge, except for shipping. When I look up the HD I need on HP's site they price that comes up is $79.00 so now I'm confused and wondering where the rep came up with a price of $275.00



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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost



This is just to confirm that the advice Big_Dave has given you is absolutely correct.






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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost

Thanks for the advice guys, I'm downloading that program now to make the recovery utility now. I think the rep must have mis-quoted the price, at least I hope she did. I guess I'll let you know how it works out after I install a new hard drive.

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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost

I bought an hp pavilion g6 laptop windows 8 about 9 months ago.  Only had it 2 months had to send it to hp to have a new hardrive put in. Now the hard drive is crashed again with no recovery.  Now the hdd  thats in it I cant find no info on.  the model # ST750LM022 CAN ANYONE HELP

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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost



The issue you are describing appears to be a physical issue and I think it would be best if you contacted HP technical support for repair options as you sound to be still under warranty. I do not want to seem like I am putting you off but if the timeline is as you have laid out you have little time left on our warranty and need to contact HP ASAP.


US support link to contact options for laptops purchased in the US.



Outside of US support link to contact options for laptops purchased outside the US.



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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost

My Hp has been hacked by Encryptolocker - was thinking about a new PC - have run refresh etc - wondering if simply replacing the hard drive and of course changing all my personal ID would be best -thanks
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Re: Hard Drive Replacement Cost



In most cases, replacing the hard drive will cure many problems like the one you encountered. Also, doing a complete destructive format on the current drive should work, Remember, you will need to use the HP Recovery Media you previously created to return the computer to a factory like state. If you didn't create this media, please contact official HP support in your region / country, via the HP Worldwide Support Portal, to inquire about the availability of HP Recovery Media for your computer.


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