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My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

Hello all. I recently purchased a Windows 7 model HPE h9-1215t Phoenix desktop from the HP store. The day before I placed the order, the computer was available with the Nvidia GTX 680 as an option, but that was removed the day I purchased the computer, so I ordered the computer, and purchased an EVGA GTX 680 instead (yeah, cost me about $300+ extra too). Well, today, a week or so after receiving the computer, I got a chance to open it up and take a look at the specs on the side of the PSU to be sure that I am able to run a GTX 680 in there as it requires at least a 550w PSu with at least 38A to the 12v rails. I knew I was good on the 550W as it comes with a 600w PSU, but I wanted to check the rail amperage. So I open up the side case cover, and take a look at the PSU, and I see that I should be able to run the graphics card just fine, and a call to EVAG tech support explaining what I had available confirmed it. But then I noticed something off acout the computer. I noticed it looked different than what I've seen in the manual, on the HP support site, and on tear down/install videos. Then I realized, IT'S MISSING THE GRAPHICS CARD RETAINING BRACKET. This bracket is basically a bracket that performs a couple functions, first off, it supports the graphics cards that are installed in these computers as they can be big, and the smaller/weaker h9 frame need a little support. Also, it supports and adds rigidity to the entire frame/body itself. Well, I looked on the case cover, and sure enough there's a diagram showing the missing piece, and how you have to remove it to work on the computer. I was on the phone HP ALL NIGHT, get fired back and forth from tech support, and to sales, and to tech, and to sales, and so on and so on. Sales support was alright and they seemed like they genuinely wanted to help but couldn't, tech support seemed like they didn't give two ****s, that is if you could even understand them well enough to pick up on their demeanor. After reciting my S/N, and model number, name and address and million times I gave up. Supervisors wouldn't even help. Sales gave me an option stating that they would send me out a new one, but, that I had to pay for the new one and have the charge held on my card until they either received the new one once I removed the bracket and put it on mine, or just sent back my old one. This was not an option as I don't have an extra $1000 on my credit line, and also, considering the fact that I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IT. It's HP's big time f*** up, now why in the heck do I have to buy another computer so they will fix the issue?


The bracket is shown in that tutorial from HP above, it's shown in "Step 2" and "Step 3" of the tutorial.


Now my question is, one, has anyone ever has this issue before? Because it really seems to be as if the person building this CTO computer forgot to reinstall the bracket when he'she finished up the job and bundled it up. Also, my other question is, WHO in the heck do I talk to about getting this replacement piece. Because obviously standard HP support is eithe runable, or completely not willing to help me with the issue. Can anything short of returning this computer and/or getting a replacement be done? Which isn't an option as I use this computer for work, and I absolutely can no be without it for longer than 1-day, and I absolutely refuse to purchase, or even let them put a charge/hold on my card for the additional amount for a new computer, as it's not my mistake, and I shouldn't have to fix the issue. HP should fix it. I don't understand why someone can't just get an h9 model, pop the ****er open, and put the dang part in the mail. When did things get so complicated and such to where people cant complete such a simple action? Can anyone, anyone at all help me? Anyone from HP? I would really like to hear your take on this, and your explanation as to why your emplyees completely refuse to help me. Seems to me as if HP now has my money, therefor they do not give 2 stinky ones.

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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

This is not official HP Customer Support and I don't work for HP. This is a peer-to-peer user supported forum for HP consumer products. HP maintains no official presence on this forum. It is unlikely that HP will respond in an official capacity. Any reply from a HP employee represents their own opinion and not that of HP's.


It looks like the only graphics card option for this model is the GeForce GT 630 (2 GB). The GT 630 is not a large powerful card, so it is conceivable that the bracket isn't installed with integrated graphics or a low-end graphics card that doesn't require it. The "graphics card bracket" would mosr likely be installed with larger more powerful cards like the GeForce GTX680, Radeon HD7770, etc. Typically, the videos on HPs website are used for hundreds of different models and may show optional items not installed on a particular computer or may not show items that are installed. Just because a part is or isn't shown in the video, doesn't mean your specific computer is going to be the same.


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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

Well that may be the case. But I've seen a couple videos of h9 GPU installs where the bracket was in place. Because the bracket is apparently not just meant to support the GPU, but is meant to give rigidity to the frame since it is such a compact tower with so much weight up top and such. I would assume their main concern would be during shipping. Maybe the builder left the bracket off because a GTX 680 wasn't going in it, I don't know. But it's definitely meant to be there no matter what I'm sure. Also, you mentioned that the computer comes with a GT 630, and that is true, mine did also, but, up until the day before I purchased mine on June 17th, the Nvidia GTX 680 2GB was a customizable option for this model. I beleive it went away because of limited supplies, as they are the last Windows 7 models apparently and they are running out quick. It really got me a bit upset too, that the option wasn't available anymore, as it was only a $150 option, now I just had to purchase an EVGA GTX 680 for $489 (though it is a 4GB model versus a 2GB model, but the 2GB model was only $429. So I opted for more VRAM.) I still honestly think that even though the builder knew it was only getting a GT 630, he/she should have attached the bracket back on when they were done, because people have to know that customers are going to customize these things, especially a "gaming PC" that only has a crap GT 630 in it. I mean come on, that's the weakest link of the setup. You have an i7-3770 (K model optional for overclocking), 10GB of RAM standard, a 2TB HDD, a 600w PSU, factory water cooling for the PCU, and then a freaking little Nvidia GT 630 GPU. It's pitiful... They have to know that people are going to upgrade, so why not pop a piece of metal back in that I'm about 100% sure comes as a part of the case? It just doesn't make sense. And to make matters worse, because of the way HP customer support is set up there is no way to get ahold of someone that can help, and if they can, you either can't understand them or they just don't want to help and just want to be on to the next caller because they have no concern for customer satisfaction. There's no way to contact the build center in Mexico and get the part and apparently they aren't available through the HP parts site (as that's all the reps will refer to is the parts site). The closest solution, though it isn't a solution, that was offered to me is that they could send me out another PC, and I could either swap the entire PC or just the part and send whichever back, but they say they will have to charge me full price for a separate PC, and I simply cannot buy or "be temporarily charged" for a separate unit. Also, this isn't my mistake so why should I have to dish out another grand? I understand they can risk the loss, but who's mistake was this? Surely not mine. Seems to me it should just be as simple as having a old model, or a return, a demo, or what have you, and just pop out the piece and send it to me. But since there is not custom customer service anymore and every has to follow what's on a screen in front of them or nothing at all, I can't be helped. I would have a easier time of getting a piece of metal, cutting it and pounding out the needed shape with a brick, rather than trying to get a part from HP that should have come with my computer.

- On a side note, if anyone has one of these pieces available, please let me know and I will gladly pay you for it and pay for shipping. As I can already see I'm getting nowhere with HP.
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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

Thanks for your reply. I don't think any other people are really insterested in the matter. Honestly I think it is probably a mix of our two theories. Yours beings that the bracket just isn't included, because it's not a huge graphics card, and mine, that the builder either neglected to install the bracket after finishing the build buy accident, or left the bracket off on purpose, because he/she figured that it wouldn't be an issue. Though that's still a little concerning as from what I've read and heard, that bracket is also meant to add some support to the actual body/frame of the tower itself, and not just act as a card bracket. I have noticed that even the h8 models come with this bracket. I think the h8 model is pretty much the same model as the h9, accept that it doesn't feature water cooling. Which honestly, I really don't understand why the h9 has (water cooling) in the first place. I could understand if it came factory with the i7-3770K with the greater ability to overclock, and to do so easier, but a water cooling set up to cool your standard i7-3770, well, I don't know about all that. Possibly just another way for HP to make the PC look more like a gaming PC, and to charge people more for this model. Either way, I submitted for a response from an HP Case Manager, even though I've heard horror stories about HP Case Managers, I figure that she might be able to help me get something done. Because it seems that it should just be as simple as calling up the facility that builds the computers, and have them ship the part. But in the age where anything that can be said must be a selection on a computer screen, you don't get that kind of customer service. I've even been considering tracking down the phone number for the facility, calling them myself and getting them to ship me one, even if I have to pay for shipping, just to get it done. Because I already know that they are build by Foxconn in San Jeronimo, Chihuahua Mexico. If only I could find the approximate location of the facility and get the phone number, or just call Foxconn to see if they can route me to the facility, I would just be able to get things done by myself. It's such a shame that it has to come down to the customer providing their own customer service because HP customer service is unable to do so.

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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.



I understand your frustration when something isn't quite right with your brand new rig.  I've been there.  You paid good money for a complete system, and you expect it to be complete. 


I am also the owner of a HPE Phoenix system, and I have an h9-1120t model with a liquid cooled i7 3770k and a GTX 670 which I added myself.  Mine is an MSI Power Edition GTX 670 which is factory overclocked and actually performs a little better than a reference model GTX 680.


But I hope I can ease your frustration a little, that is unless you have already found or purchased one of the brackets.  If so - you can disregard reading any further.


This metal bracket is not necessary to be left in the case, and it's designed for shipping purposes.  Yes it does provide support and added rigidity to the case, but this is needed only during shipping, and not when its setting in your cabinet/desk, or wherever you put it at your home.  The Phoenix case is not flimsy and doesn't need added support when in your desk. 


I already had my GTX 670 graphics card when I got my Phoenix rig, and I removed the support bracket immediately and have never used it again.  It's been in the HP box in my attic ever since.  I've have my system for over a year now, and can assure you - you don't need (or want) that ugly bracket in there unless you plan on shipping this system somewhere.


Since you must return your system to its original configuration if you have to send it back to HP for any warranty service, you'll have to put the little GT 630 back in it anyway, and it is so light it won't need the bracket.  I suspect this is why they left it out.  Of course it is always possible someone just forgot.    


Anyway, I understand that you should have been given the bracket, you are 100% right about that, but it's not necessary and I don't want mine in there anyway.  I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up that birds nest of wiring that HP did (it was a mess) and I have really "tightened up" and straightend the wiring inside my case and have decent air-flow.  Much better than from the factory.  That bracket would just impede air, not to mention it's ugly.


I am surprised that its so hard to get one though.  That makes no sense.  It's like a $5 part.  I'd sell you mine, but I have a year left on my warranty and I'll need it if I have to send the rig back to HP for anything.


Anyway, enjoy your Phoenix it's really a very nice gaming rig.  I can run ANY current generation game like BF3, Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, and even Crysis 3 - on the highest of settings at 1920x1080 and get great frame rates.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really can't understand why HP never promoted this rig.  It's obviously intended to go against Alienware, but no one has heard of the HPE Phoenix system.  HP doesn't seem to care about marketing or promoting this system at all.


What a waste.

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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

Thanks for the info. I knew they probably left it out because of how light the GT 630 was. I do remember seeing somewhere that the bracket was intended for securing the card while shipping the computer, but like you said, there's no reason that it shouldn't have come with it. Even if like in my case it just put my mind at ease knowing that the builders had the competence to do something right and to not cut corners. I just figured that it would have been nice to have some extra support since its a BTX set up and the card would be mounted with the backplate on the bottom. Again I doubt it makes a difference, but it would have eased my mind. The most disturbing part was how hard it was to get any support from HP on the issue, and the fact that I was fired back and forth from customer support to technical support 10 times with not a hint of resolution. It should have been just as easy as HP saying "No problem sir, we'll call the builder and have them ship you the part." I know HP desktops are built by Foxconn in San Jeronimo, Chihuahua, Mexico, and if I was able to easy get this information, why would it be so hard for HP customer support, who should be privileged to that info to contact them and help a customer. In the end I said screw it, and decided to return the entire computer. Not only for the reason that the bracket was missing, but mostly because of HPs complete lack of competence, and ability to handle the situation that arose. I used the money to have a custom built quality gaming rig built for me, and it actually blows that HPE Phoenix out of the water and was roughly the same price. Now I have an i7-4770 Haswell quad-core on an Intel DH87RL micro ATX motherboard (standard heat sink, as liquid cooling isn't anywhere near being needed as I'm not overclocking and its just something else that can mess up and go wrong). I have a 1TB Western Digital Black 7200rpm HDD, 8GB (two 4GB sticks) of Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1600 MHz 1.5v RAM, the EVGA GTX 680 4GB w/ backplate GPU, Antec EarthWatts 650W power supply (provides 38A to each of its two 12V+ rails) and a cheapo LG CD/DVD SuperDrive. All of this is wrapped up nicely in a Corsair Carbide Series 500R White/Black ATX Case. I still want to add a couple 120mm exhaust fans at the top of the case to help with exhaust a bit, and will probably replace the 200mm white LED side fan that came with the case with two 120mm or 140mm fans, and replace the front two 120mm white LED fans that also came preinstalled in the case with a couple 120mm fans, have them all connected up to a 6ch 5.25" bay fan controller.

This entire set up actually cost me quite a bit less than the MSRP of these HPE Phoenix's, of course someone built it for me, so I could have saved even more building it myself but I'm not that experienced yet. Also, I just want to say that one of the things that bugs me about these HPE Phoenix's is that they are called "gaming PCs", really simply because they are for some reason watercooled. It would have been smarter just to offer standard cooling if you didn't opt for the K CPU to overclock. As watercooling for a standard i7-3770 is completely unnecessary in my opinion and can go very wrong should a line split or come loose. I'm glad your HPE is running good, it just wasn't the right PC for me.

ALSO! I wanted to throw in there that the first GTX 680 I had installed in my rig had defective or corrupted RAM, I was getting white floating specks in YouTube full screen videos and pink pixel artifacts forming diagonal patterns across the screen on my desktop. Called EVGA and they sent me another, though I had to pay for a $44 Next Day Air EAR (advanced RMA) gimmick and also had to provide my card number as collateral for them to ship me another GTX 680 up front with a return shipping label included for the defective one to be sent back. The one that's in there now is running Far Cry 3, Skyrim and Metro: Last Light amazingly and completely lawless at about a steady 65-70 degrees Celsius.
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Re: My HPE h9-1215t Phoenix is missing the Graphics Card Retaining Bracket.

My 1215T did not come with the retaining bracket and was totally surprise as I had seen it

on all YOUTUBE videos.   I plan to someday probably upgrade my video card and will need this.

------------------------------I am an interested party.


Contacted HP sales and HP tech support and they were not interested to help me at all with this topic.

( this is my only complaint so far other than the GT 630 not being a GT 630DP ) but the

GT 630 has perform for bluray 1080P just fine and plays games on-line to a reasonable



HP says in its video that this bracket is installed to give the entire computer the proper amount of

structural support and to hold large video cards.


It is a no-brainer that HP should have included the bracket on all     ( A L L )   1215 T sales.

That would be "excellent customer service" ;  they talk about excellent customer service in EMAILS

and they want feedback every time one interfaces with them in form of a survey.     BUT they haven't taken

any of my feedback to heart.


One time they said I had recieved the wrong video card ( which I was glad to hear) but they sent me another

same same red GT 630 Cheetah that I had to return.


Thats the facts.  Very happy with H9 1215T computer though !!! nice thang !!



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