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Upgrading HDD to SSD on a new HP computer.

HI, I have a new Phoenix desk top and would like to upgrade the system drive to an SSD from the 3TB hard drive.


 Will I void warranty?



PS I dislike Windows 8.1 if anyone is keeping score:smileylol:

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Re: Upgrading HDD to SSD on a new HP computer.

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You can absolutely upgrade to an SSD as your boot drive and you will not void your warranty (get a 250GB or 256GB, trust me on this, you will fill up a 120-160GB real quickly).  This is a great upgrade and you will definitely see a huge speed difference in start up/shut down times, and in opening certain applications.  Its an awesome upgrade, and I did it myself to my HP h9-1120t Phoenix.  I put in a Samsung 840 EVO 250GB and then did a fresh install of Windows 7.  I now use the Hitachi 1TB HDD for music/photos/documents, etc...  The 840 EVO only has Win 7 and BF4 on it (the game and maps load super fast).  This is actually my wife's system now and she loves the difference the SSD made.  


I would however make a system restore disc before switching, because you need to return the system to its factory state (while under warranty), in case you need to send it back to HP for some kind of repair (you might not get your SSD back if you sent the rig in to HP in a different configuration than they originally made).


There are also a couple of options for migrating the OS onto the SSD.  First back-up/save all your important docs and data onto a separate jump drive or some other media (just in case), and then use a cloning application and make an exact copy of the HDD.   My Samsung came with a migrating/tweaking program called "Samsung Magician," but the other major companies have their own versions of the same thing, and most do the trick pretty well.  There are several stand alone apps that will migrate the data over as well like Acronis True Image Home,  You can also do it by creating a system image.  If you do some research first (e.g. Google) - and I suggest you do- you'll see its not that hard to do. 


A lot of folks out there though (myself included) prefer to do a fresh install of Windows 7, as opposed to a clone or image.  That's what I did, and have had no issues.


On a side note, before you do install your SSD, go into the system BIOS and make sure your SATA mode is set to AHCI and not IDE. This is hard to change after you've already done everything so do it first.  SSDs need AHCI.

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Re: Upgrading HDD to SSD on a new HP computer.

Thanks Hapkiman, I am also looking at the samsung.

  I will make the clone as you suggested and also the recovery media.

  Thanks for all of the information.

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