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HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv

Please Help!!! I have an HP plasma 42" PL4260N, no longer under warranty, about 4yrs old.. I love this tv, all of a sudden we heard a loud pop and we have no picture, we do still have sound..Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone tell me what the problem is? before i hire an expensive tech.!!!

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Re: HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv

therirI have a HP Pl4260N the Y sustain board has gone out, this is a common problem with HP tvs. HP knows about this problem and it is very expensive to fix. What has other customers done to fix this problem? Do you throw away the tv and never buy another HP product or does the company fix the problem?

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Re: HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv

hi ! i just had the same thing happen to my HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv..   is it fixable???

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Re: HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv

See the following thread:


This particular meaasage may be of interest:

Went through this recently.  Same story - PL4260N; Sound, but no picture; HP Customer Support said they've never heard of this problem but, oddly enough, were able to diagnose the problem over the phone (bad Y sustain board); offered to fix for $629.  I was going to replace it with a Samsung, until I found a company who said they'd fix my Y SUS board for $122.  I pulled it out of the TV, shipped it to them on 8/27/09.  I just got it back today (not a bad turn-around) and installed it.  Works like a champ.  I don't know how long it will last, but $132 ($122 + $10 shipping) is better than $629, and my Plasma is no longer a paper weight.  Thanks PTS Electronics!  Thanks for nothing HP.  In case you want to do the same: PTS Electronics (812) 824-9331


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Re: HP PL4260N 42" plasma tv

where in the tv is the y sustain board?
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