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HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

Hi there!


We have an old HP Proliant NAS computer at my work. We don't use the NAS functionality anymore, so I've exported it as a virtual machine in VMWare instead to use it as a PDF printer. But as soon as I boot the virtual machine, I receive the following error message:


"The server you are running cannot run hp ProLiant NAS software properly. You may be in violation of your license agreement. Please contact HP support immediately if you think this message is displayed in error. The server will Blue Screen in one (1) minute."


And after one minute the machine bluescreens. I've tried to delete everything that has to do with the NAS software, but it seems like I can't get rid of everything, because the error message pops up anyway. I've tried to call the HP Support Center, but they couldn't help me because we don't have any warranty left on the machine. So could someone just tell me how to uninstall the software I no longer need?


Best regards,

Jonathan Larsson

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Re: HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

Seems like I figured it out. I uninstalled a service called "ROM". It's pointing at an .inf file called "ROMCheck.inf" under system32\drivers. This is the content of the file:


 [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$"Class=ROMCheckClassGuid={141C9F59-F8AB-4ff5-83F7-05D3019D5CEA}Provider=%CPQ%DriverVer=03/21/2000, 

[DestinationDirs]DefaultDestDir = 12;drivers
[ControlFlags];; Exclude all devices from Select Device list;;ExcludeFromSelect = *
[System_Class_Addreg]HKR,,,0,"System Class Drivers"
[ROMCheck.NT]Copyfiles = @ROMCheck.sys;AddReg = RP_REG_MUTE_IRQReboot
[ROMCheck.NT.Services]AddService = ROMCheck,%SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE%,ROMCheck_Service_Inst
[ROMCheck_Service_Inst]DisplayName    = %ROMCheck.SvcDesc%ServiceType    = %SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER%StartType      = %SERVICE_AUTO_START%ErrorControl   = %SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL%ServiceBinary  = %12%\ROMCheck.sysLoadOrderGroup = Boot Bus Extender

[strings]CPQ      = "HP"*ROMCheckId.DeviceDesc= "HP StorageWorks NAS ROM Monitor"ROMCheck.SvcDesc      = "HP StorageWorks NAS ROM Check Driver"SPSVCINST_TAGTOFRONT  = 0x00000003SPSVCINST_ASSOCSERVICE= 0x00000002SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER = 1SERVICE_BOOT_START    = 0x0SERVICE_SYSTEM_START  = 0x01SERVICE_AUTO_START    = 0x02SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL  = 1SERVICE_ERROR_IGNORE  = 0REG_EXPAND_SZ         = 0x00020000REG_DWORD             = 0x00010001REG_SZ                = 0x00000000


So if you have the same problem as I had, just run the following command in cmd.exe:

sc delete rom


/Jonathan Larsson

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Re: HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

Hi Jonathan


Truly grateful for you time and effort  in putting up this  Post.


Encountered the BSOD on 2 HP Proliant NAS today !!!!


Was messing about disabling services, and app, all to no avail.


Then came across your post and fixed the issue, in minutes, I had put aside several hours, even was looking at a full server recovery, last thing you want to do late Sunday night


Thanks to your post was done in a few minutes, Why HP can't put this information on  there Bulletin

Document ID: c00616839 rather than saying please contact HP !!!!!!!!!






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Re: HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

Thanks, i tried this but didnt work...

I checked with the L1 support team, who mentioned that the Serial No & the Product No should be entered correctly. 

And this error is only thrown on the Storage Server OS, it verifies the details as per the OEM license. 





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Re: HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

run the "sc delete rom" in command line and it works!



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Re: HP Proliant NAS Software bluescreen

Rename the following file (C:\WINDOWS\system32\RomCheckService.exe). It's hidden and read-only. If virtualized, mount the VHD on another VM, browse to this location from a command prompt and run the following:


C:\> cd\windows\system32

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32> attrib -r -h romcheckservice.exe

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32> ren romcheckservice.exe romcheckservice.exe.old




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