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HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

Hi there,


After doing some searching around on the internet (and having no luck), I thought I would bring my issue here for some assistance. I purchased the HD-4110 webcam today and am running into problems with installation. The software installs just fine, but during and after installation, my wirless usb adapter (which is a Belkin F7D1101) stops working. So once the camera works, I have no internet connection. The only way I found to get my connection back was to uninstall all the webcam software, uninstall the wireless adapter software, then reinstall the wireless adapter software. Then the wireless adapter finally works again, but I am without a webcam. Any suggestions on how I can get these two things to work at the same time would be appreciated! (I'm running Windows 7 if that helps at all.)

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

I have an HP Webcam HD-4110 and windows XP 64 bit.  When I install the software and plug in the webcam it works for about a minute and then my computer blue screens.  On the blue screeen I see usbvideo.sys.  I am thinking there is a driver issue, but I cannot get any help from HP to fix it.  They tell me to get another computer and try to use it on another computer and then if it doesn't work they will talk to me.  I just purchased my computer from HP this past Sept.   I would be happy for anyone's ideas on how to make the HP Webcam HD-4100 work.

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

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Yeah ...  Typical HP.  No service.  No follow-through. I Have a Pavillion desktop computer, Photosmart printer and now a HD4110 web cam.  Unfortunately the web cam would only work a bit (jerky) and then a messages came on thta another applicaiton was using the camera (wrong).  But now, for some reason, the camera downloaded software for a SunPlusIT PC Camera.  We should get all of the people who HP has messed up in this way and pursue a class action defective product lawsuit.  [Personal Information Removed]

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

I'm having some issues.

Bought the HD-4110 today - and Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium recognised it and uses it WITHOUT HP s/w.


I installed the HP CD, and Magic-I and the Webcam Companion both work, but the HP Button Manager crashes when started, and the buttons will not work without it.


Any clues?  I've deinstalled/reinstalled it but no joy - and it would be nice to get them working!

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

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This camera doesn't work at all on my Windows 7 64 bit. System cannot find any driver. I want to download it from HP website, but there is no drivers, only installation CD for 25$...

All the drivers on the installation CD included with my camera package are from 2010/10...

Before I already had a software probleme with HP printer, they need to be more responsible with that!


When they put a new drivers for download (not for order the CD)? Or is better to replace it by Logitech camera?



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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

Have exactly the same troubles on an almost identical setup. Camera stays on all the time. Will not switch off. And the Webcan Companion Software just says that another application is using the camera. Rubbish. Only solution: Crawl under the table and unplug camera from USB socket. How is the class action coming along - Misrepresentation of Sale.

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

I am trying to install my HD 4100 webcam and it work for about 3 minutes and the image was jerking. Now the green light does not even work and the software is telling me that there is another program or cannot be found... I went in the device manager and the camera seem to be ok exept that the audio drivers do not work. I tried to update them but I apparently have the most recent ones. I disintalled everything and restarted again more than once... Can someone help me out here cause I am not sure what is wrong with this new cam..


Thank you,

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

Hello guys,


Have you tried to update the camera's firmware already? What happen if you did, did it resolve the problem?


Let me know.




I work for HP! Please remember to provide kudo.JPGand if this helped click ON AS.JPG

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Re: HP Webcam HD-4110 Problems

I have done the firmware upgrade.  My problem is a little different than some others.  I can't get my camera to turn on at all. I have uninstalled the drivers, and plugged the camera in.  It installes "SunplusIT PC Camera", but none of my programs (Skype is my tester) can find the camera.  I tried to install the HP Webcam Software Suite, but it can't see the camera either and I can't get past the part where you plug the camera in.  This camera work perfectly untill I did the firmware update...not sure if that's what broke it, just saying.

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