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MediaSmart 47" TV - Strange Video Driver Issue

I originally bought my TV thinking "oh cool, I'll have computer functionality built right into my TV!", and at first, that was a great thing.  But then I realized that the Built-in MediaSmart features just don't cut the mustard compared to a full fledged pc connected to the TV.


So I connected the computer to the TV using a VGA cable and all was fine and dandy.  But I couldn't get the TV to display up to 1080p from my computer.  I called HP support and they told me that I would need to control this functionality through my video card manufacturer's software/video drivers, and they also told me I would need to use HDMI.  I got a DVI to HDMI cable and installed the latest video drivers for my video card (Radeon 9600 Pro SE) directly from ATI's website.  I was never able to get the video to display at 1080p because the TV would lose signal.  So I gave up on that idea. 


I was using the TV with the computer without any problems, until recently when another family member decided to install another video driver of some kind (some opengl driver for a video game they wanted to play), and now I am having a strange problem:  When I have the computer displaying video on the TV and then I switch to any other input on the TV (cable, component2 for the Wii, HDMI 3 for my XBox 360, etc), and then I try going back to the HDMI 1 signal so I can use my computer again, I have no signal.  I found that if I unplugged my HDMI video cable on the back of the TV and plugged it back in, the video would come back on; but it doesn't always work.  When it doesn't work, the only other way I can get the video to display again is to remote in to the TV from another computer on my network. 


I have tried uninstalling all my video card's software/drivers and starting from scratch, but I still have the same problem.  I have tried removing all my video card's software/drivers and only installed the video driver (skipping the Catalyst Control Center software) and I still have the same problem.


I don't know what else to try, but I'm getting darn frustrated trying to fix this.  If anyone has some advice that will help me fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you

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