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Battery not charging/discharging on Compaq CQ60

Hello all,


I bought myself a Compaq CQ60 Laptop a little over 2-weeks ago for use on a personal capacity. I do have some work on my laptop that I require and I am in need of my laptop on a daily basis at present.


I have been using my laptop almost daily and this issue cropped up yesterday.


The battery meter on the Taskbar states that the battery is at 100% (Fully Charged) constantly and does not update to show the battery is discharging. As a result of this, the battery reaches empty and the computer dies with a click. No sleep mode, no recovery, just dies. The loses all work due to the lack of a saved state.


Clearly, the automatic sleep function is controlled by Vista telling the PC to do so based on the % of battery life remaining. Since the battery indicator is not updating, the battery drains completely and the laptop dies. The only way to run the laptop any longer than 15mins is to plug it into the mains supply.


Can somoene please help me?? System Restore seems to fail on every roll back so that is out of the question. I have also just updated the BIOS to the latest version, again to no avail.





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Re: Battery not charging/discharging on Compaq CQ60

Your first step would be to run the battery test in the total care advisor. Please post back with the results.
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Re: Battery not charging/discharging on Compaq CQ60

If you search "help" on your computer you can find how to test your battery by letting it run down and then letting it charge completely. The problem is, the more you use a computer battery the quicker you will have to replace it. The problem is the limited number of recharge cycles before a battery must be replaced.


It sounds like you have a bad battery and it should be under warranty, if you bought your laptop new. 

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Re: Battery not charging/discharging on Compaq CQ60

Thanks for the replies guys.

The issue seems to have resolved, but I have also taken your advice.


Battery Check: This at first indicated that the battery was failing, then quickly returned a "Good" status. I ran the check again, and this passed a "Good" result instantly. I am unsure as to the condition of the battery now due to the initial fail, but will schedule a reminder to check thr condition on a weekly or monthly basis for a while.


Possible Resolution: I had uninstalled the  MIcrosoft ACP-Compliant Control Method Battery in Vista, updated the BIOS from the HP website and rebooted. I then installed all updates from Microsoft and this morning the battery is on 68% and is discharging well. I will continue to run the batteru to 25% and then charge to 100%.


Again, thank you for your advice on this. I will certainly be keeping my eye on this and will post any more information in this thread for anyone else in the future that may suffer from a similar issue.





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