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HP 2000 won't turn on/charge when plugged in

I've had my laptop plugged in for a while now and it won't turn on. When I plug it up the light beside the charger turns white for a few seconds and then turns red.
Any suggestions?
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Re: HP 2000 won't turn on/charge when plugged in

Hey Ctfields, 


I'm sorry you're running into this issue. If the light is turning solid red/amber and not blinking, that means it is charging the battery. 


What happens when you press the Power button? Does the light on it come on at all, blink or remain on? Do you hear any spinning sounds from the fan and/or drives in the computer? Do you see any image on the screen, whether it is just an HP logo or a black screen with a blinking cursor or anything at all? Do you hear Windows' startup sounds? Do you see the Caps/Num lock lights blinking? If so, please let me know how many times it blinks. 


I would suggest trying a hard reset, if you haven't already. A hard reset will drain all of the residual electricity out of the unit and give it a clean boot state. This can solve a lot of mysterious no-boot situations.


1. Disconnect the AC Adapter and battery.

2. Press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds, then release.

3. Reinsert the battery and AC Adapter.

4. Press the Power button to turn the computer on.


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Re: HP 2000 won't turn on/charge when plugged in

I am having the same problem with my HP 2000. The light is white then goes to red/orange light. I have tried pushing the power button when it does this and nothing happens.
I have tried the hard reset and still nothing happens. Any suggestions as what I can do next?
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