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HP Envy 15 touchpad headaches

So I've got my envy, quite pleased with it except for some minor flaws like the buttons being incredibly weak (I use it for work and after the first week of use 3 buttons fell off because the plastic cracked in them), and the touchpad with it's enable/disable feature.


The buttons were fixed by a repair shop, so that's "ok" I guess, but the touchpad is where my issues lie;


It will randomly disable, I know it says linger your finger on the top left for a few seconds then remove to enable/disable, but this only appears to work when it feelsl ike it (aka; whenever it's least convenient for me).


Is there any way to disable the feature that lets you linger to enable/disable it, this would be awesome as I always use the touchpad any way... that being said, it just disabled again while I was writing this, because I tapped the touchpad 4 times (failed doubleclick tap)... it's either too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, and it appears to disable the touchpad in such a way you can't enable it again if it's disabled?

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Re: HP Envy 15 touchpad headaches

One way is to uninstall the Synaptics software, the touchpad will still work but won't have the advanced features, which may not be what you want.


If you updated the touchpad software at any time I suggest you install the original Synaptics software to see if it cures the problem, it might be found in C:\SwSetup\Drivers\Touchpad


If you cannot find it there, go here


choose your System then choose software-driver downloads, then choose your OS, see if they have older versions of the Synaptics software available for download. (see "Previous versions available")


If you have an older Synaptics version installed, try the latest version on the downloads site.

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Re: HP Envy 15 touchpad headaches

I was going to tell you to just turn off your touchpad to avoid the annoyance:

(I do that sometimes) but you can try this:

go to your synaptics clickpad/touchpad settings >

and then look for "SmartSense" >

double click on it (or the config icon next to the ? question mark) >

you can adjust your smartsense settings from "Off" to "Max" >

I find that sometimes its too sensitive too! so I've adjusted it to my liking. or you can just turn it off lol

there's lots of settings there that will help too. I moved the mouse zone up more so that the left click buttons wont bother as much too.
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Is there anyway to disable the very bright red light when the touchpad is turned off.

HP Envy 15

Is there anyway to disable the very bright red light when the touchpad is turned off.

I like turning off the touchpad when I use an external mouse.  The red light that signals that the touchpad is on is very bright and quite annoying.  Is there anyway to turn it off when the touchpad is off other than sticking some chewing gum in the hole (just kidding, of course)?

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Re: HP Envy 15 touchpad headaches

but i cant find the one for 15-q004tx, do you have any advise?

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