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HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

I have owned this brand new laptop for one month.  within two weeks, I got an error message "System Fan 90B".  I went to the HP "award winning" service site and try searching for error code 90B but nothing exists.  I called the service line and the guy on the line had me download a new bios file.  This did not immediately work but the fan started working the following day.


Today, the fan stopped working again.  I called the service department and was told that I will have to send in the computer for a new download file (something like a thermal file).  I was told that it would take approximately 9 days and that I would lose all of my stored data on the computer.


Two Questions:


1) Is there a way to fix this problem without sending in the pc?


2) Why should I not take this expensive piece of crap back and buy something other brand???  This is the more important question.


I cannont be without my business computer for 9 days.  I used it daily and I have installed a lot of business programs (like my accounting system) that I really do not want to lose and have to reinstall.


i will wait a day for a response before  blast HP on every forum I can find!  This computer is crap!

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

2. I cannot think of any reason, it really depends on the return policy of the store you bought it from, whether they will take it back or not.





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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error



I bought an HP G56 NoteBook just one month ago and have experienced exactly the same <90B> System Fan problem as you did with your laptop.


Would you please share with me if you have got a solution from HP about your Pavilion?





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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

Same problem here with a G62.  Happened after 4 weeks of use.  I think there was a bad batch of fans and HP didn't do a whole lot of hardware testing to realize the problem.  What's happening is that the fan is seizing up.  If you can see your fan on the underside you can try jogging the fan with a paperclip or something equally similar.  This might de-seize the fan and allow you to use your machine for more than a few minutes.  But it looks like a hardware problem and sending it back to HP is the only permanent fix.

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

Same issue here, got a stock reply to update BIOS, let me see.

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

Same problem: "System fan 90B" error on startup, I bought a HP Mini 210-2140 last week 5/13, and I received that error today 5/16. Waiting for the replacement...

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

I have an HP pavillion. SHORTLY after buying it (and it was over 1000.00) It heated up to the point it just stopped working. I returned it. They did repair it but, I bought a Gear Head fan (placed it underneith the pc) to keep it from over heating.... later on finding that this HP model has been known to have this problem, as trusting as I am, I let this lemon stay in my home. Now that my warranty has expired, the screen went black today and I called HP support. They wanted 99.00 and just might be able to tell me how to fix the problem. I said NO. I've had two Dell's and NEVER had any problem with any questions I've asked or have I ever been asked to pay for support. This PC is Crap with a capitol letter!!!! I've been upset all day because the HP is over rated and costs more than Dells. IMO more people should read feedback before buying. Ohhhhh, My son fixed the PC tonight. If the screen goes black, just simply remove the power cord, take out the battery for a few min.s and connect them again. reboot and Hey!!! You'll save yourself 99.00. No deals from HP. I'll never buy another one!!!!!!!! Never, Never, Never!!! Anything is better than a HP.

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

I ran into the same issue on a Presario CQ62. The first time I went through diagnostics and bios updates with HP tech support. This seemed to fix the problem (at first glance). At least the gal was actually very knowledgable and quite helpful.


A week later the sytem fan quit working again and I started receiving the same error message:


"The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly.


Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result in random shutdown, data loss or possible system damage. The system will shut down in 15 seconds. To prevent shutdown and continue operation, press the Enter key now.


System Fan (90B)


Enter - Continue Startup


For more information, please visit:\go\techcenter\startup"


I tried the paper clip through the fan vent and sure enough it started right up. --- I proceded to call tech support and advise them that I had a defective fan and that I wanted to know where to send the machine to have it replaced before my warranty was out. I explained to the guy that I already went through all of the diagnostics and testing and that it was a hardware issue and not a software/system issue. After repeating myself a dozen times over the next hour I was finally transfered to a tech support manager. It only took 5 minutes speaking to her before she was going over the options of shipping. --- I am now waiting for the box to send the computer back to HP to get the fan replaced at no cost to me (other than the shipping).


I suggest doing a complete backup of your system before shipping off your computer though. I will update this when I get the computer back.


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Re: HP Pavilion System Fan 90B Error

This exact same thing happened to me right after I Heard a clacking sound and I'm thinking that this was that the fan got jammed or some thing else please have something to help me and my laptop HP Pavilion G6


I would appreciate any help out there

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Re: HP Pavilian System Fan 90B Error

Me sale el error  y al iniciar si no le doy enter en 15 segundos se apaga .. espero pronta respuesta .. de verdad es urgente ... El sistem recovery desaparecio ..

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