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HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

Hi Everyone,

I am facing issues with my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop. The keyboard seems to be having keys stuck and sometimes stops to work. I tried to restore to factory settings and still I am facing same problem. I am not sure if it is a hardware problem or software issue. Is there  a way to diagnose what is wrong with my laptop?



Shakti Tanwar

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

Are the keyboard getting phyically getting stuck? and when it stops working, after restart do they start working back?

One of the easy ways to find out if the issue is with the OS, try external keyboard....

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem



My keyboard is doing the exact same thing. It is not physically sticking, but acts like it. Also, it seems as though the computer is getting the wrong signals i.e. caps lock going on and off when I press certain keys not related to caps lock.


I opened up my laptop and re-attached the keyboard cable (which did not look like it had any connection problems) but the problem persists.


It started occasionally like a key was sticking, so I ignored it, but now it has gotten really bad and can hardley type at all.


Anyone else experiencing this problem?




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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

Hi everyone,

I'm also having probs with my keyboard, its as though the delete key is being pressed all the time. Every time i try to open any files i get a message box confirming that i wish to delete the file. this won't go off until i open task manager where there are multiple entries which i have to remove individually.

Also, as i write suddenly my text all deletes. Its very frustrating as i can't complete any message without having to retype sections of the text. I'm terrified that my files or photo's will be deleted so simply can't risk opening anything.

I've tried phoning HP technical support but keep getting a foriegn language speaker - no use at all!!

any advice will be appreciated



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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

hi,my laptop keyboard is not working every time i start my laptop keyboard not works, then i have to use On-screen Keyboard to type, done lots of experiment but still having the same issue.............!!!

updated keyboard Drivers
uninstalle keyboard from Devicve manager...........
prob not solved..............

some time it start  working automaticaly & not having hardware prob  i think any prob with drivers....
when i check the properties of keyboard in general that shows "this device is working properly"
now tell me what to do.

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

I am also h6aving5 problems with6 my keyboard, as you can see.  The keys do the following


H>h6 or H^

G>g5 or G%

-> '-

backspace >\

and more!  I'-ve uninstalled, turned drivers off, I was on th6e ph6one for over an h6our with6 someone wh6o \bare\ly spoke Eng5lish6.  I was tol\d th6at I would h6ave to buy a recover kit from th6em even th6oug5h6 th6e comp\uter is still under\ warranty.  H^as anyone h6ad any luck fixing5 th6is problem?


I'-m in g5rad sch6ool and I h6ave papers I need to write!!

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

I'm having the same issue.  Pleaes let me know if you find a solution for this.


Thanks a lot

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

My HP Pavilion dv6 notebook has recently suffered a "stroke" and the entire column of keys and direction keys do not function at all... ie the delete, home, Pg Up, Pg Down, end, >, <, up, down.


Am I to conclude from the above list of occurrences with "similar" problems, that this issue has not been resolved and the only answer is to replace the notebook with one from a different manufacturer? 

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem

I am having problems with my keyboard as well. I will be typing along and either all my text is deleted, or everything on the page is highlighted, it will take me to another page, it will ask me if I really want to leave the page that I am on - all sorts of crap. And, no, it is not the mousepad, as I have turned off tapping and all those other annoying settings - plus, I cannot duplicate it by purposely touching the mouse pad. Has been happening since day one, and I am still under warranty. What is up?

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Re: HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard problem


I am having problems with my keys sticking. What could be the problem? My computer is only

5 years old. Please let me know.



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