Pavilion Dv7, ( Plugged in, Charging ) but battery not charging (31861 Views)
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Re: dv7 battery not charging

I ran into this tonight and tried a fix that I've been told shouldn't work, and it's solved this problem as well as a couple other computers in my family over the past year that have had Windows report "Plugged in, not charging."


1. Shut down the computer.

2. Remove the power cord.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Hold the power button down for about 10 seconds.

5. Reconnect battery.

6. Reconnect power cord.

7. Start computer back up and see if it's fixed. May need to wait a minute or two to see that the charge is increasing as it should.


Hope this helps.

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Re: dv7 battery not charging

Thanks for the reply, tried this method.

Look's like it's the DC to DC converter thats at fault, time to get the micro soldering iron out and play. 

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Re: dv7 battery not charging

I had this same issue with my new, refurbished HP Pavilion dv7-6163us laptop.  I updated the BIOS to version F.1B and the battery is now charging.

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Re: Pavilion Dv7, ( Plugged in, Charging ) but battery not charging

I recently bought a ProBook 4530s, and I've had the same problem from the beginning. When it's plugged in, the battery meter goes up and down a few times, and then it stops. It still says "plugged in, charging" but the battery level doesn't  change. However, when I shut down the laptop and plug it in, the battery charges, so that's the only way I can charge it up to 100%.


Has anyone had a similar issue, and is the problem with the battery or the charger?



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Re: dv7 battery not charging



Contact HP to have them send you an older driver and shut off your auto update for microsoft. ITs a driver issue nothing more ....... I have had this happen several times when I bought my dv4 brand new. I installed the updates on my own to figure out that it was a driver update that is not compatible with the newer hardware !

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Re: dv7 battery not charging

Are we to understand that no one at HP has a solution to this problem of excellent proven working Laptop Pavilion dv7 batteries, that show being charged.... but actually not charging?


I for one will not be recommending HP to anyone, it is DELL computers for me and mine from now on.


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Re: dv7 battery not charging

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I've had same issue with dv7-3080 i7, what a hell. plugged in, but not charging.


But sometimes when charging (hard to find that way) cpu speed only 9xx (931mhz) and all lagging, even win7 slows, turboboost for i7 cpu dosent work, but when disconnect ac, lagging stopped and cpu speed extremely increasing and working fine?!?!?!?!


this normal for hp laptops?!?!?!  sorry but chinesse {Content Removed: Language Filter Evasion} working better!!!!!

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Re: dv7 battery not charging

I have spent hours with HP Technical support on this issue and they do not have a solution that works for me so far; however, I did come across this information that everyone should try and through this process of elimination, I have discovered that for me, I will be sending back my new battery as it does not hold a charge. 


The troubleshooting information let me know that my computer is fine... the battery is not, that is for me, maybe not you.. but check this out.


HP link to test Notebook and Battery:




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Re: dv7 battery not charging

Hello All,


I have a Dv7-6160sp with the same problem.

Updated the bios here on HP product page and now its fixed and computer is slightly faster :smileyhappy:)))

Try it..

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Re: Pavilion Dv7, ( Plugged in, Charging ) but battery not charging

If your laptop works fine while plugged in but stops working while unplugged it's likely that either your laptop battery is bad or your laptop is not charging the battery properly. Below are steps that can be taken to help identify the cause of this issue.

Leave power plugged in

Make sure the computer has been charging from the power plug for at least two hours before attempting to unplug it.

Remove and reconnect battery

In some situations the battery can become loose. Removing it and then put it back into the laptop.

  • How do I remove the battery from my laptop computer?

Third-party utility

Use a third-party battery utility to determine the total capacity of the battery. For example, BatteryCare is a free software utility capable of doing this.

Refresh battery

Some laptop manufacturers allow for batteries to be refreshed through the CMOS Setup.

Replace battery or AC adapter

If your computer is still in warranty we suggest skipping to the next step.

If the above steps have been completed, we suggest replacing the battery in the computer or AC adapter. In most situations it's a bad battery.

Service laptop

If after following the above steps the computer is still unable to charge the battery a component within the laptop has failed and will need to be replaced. Contact the computer manufacturer for information on getting the laptop serviced. Most likely the charger or inverter board will need to be replaced.

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