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WebCam Presario CQ56

How do I activate the webcam on my Presario CQ56 notebook?  

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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

some of this modles were only webcam ready you might want to check the online spec by your product number

how to

Locate the Notebook Product Number or Model Number


and this if equiped with a webcam

Testing a Webcam With MediaSmart in Windows 7

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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

Hi keywasted,


As far as i know CQ56 doesnt have a webcam. :smileysad: but you could try to check it in device manager. if you see any imaging device then  you have a webcam. if you don't see one then you don't have it. most of the CQ56 units seems to have a webcam on the display panel on top of the LCD but it really doesn't exist. :smileysad: please let me know what happened in device manager.

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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

As far as I know, manufacturers don't install hardware for show. Look in Device Manager for imaging devices (?), double-click, should say HP webcam 101 (goes nowhere, but I did stop HP support running in msconfig) Or click start>all programs>Cyberlink Youcam
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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

How do I activate the webcam on my computer?


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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

How do i use my web cam

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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

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Re: WebCam Presario CQ56

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You can't put a webcam if the product line doesn't have a webcam. No easy way around it. Either the product line had webcam option or not. Your only other option is to check eBay and see if they have a bezel with webcam and buy that and the webcam and attach it to your current laptop. But you need to make sure your board also has the connections for the webcam as some might not come with the connection so that would eliminate your options to place a matching aftermarket webcam for the laptop. So if your not sure of the webcam connection on the board you need to take apart the laptop and look for it before trying to add webcam option should it turn out the board doesn't have that connection.

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