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Webcam is not Working



System: Hp ProBook 4520s

operating system: Windows 8 32-bit


I am having a problem with webcam. My webcam is not working properly. Initially when I am switching on my laptop webcam is working for few minutes and then it start giving me error that "device not found". I tried to search for it on google but I didnot found any solution. 





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Re: Webcam is not Working

No body is answering??

No body here with same issue?


where is Hp  support?

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Re: Webcam is not Working

Hey RameezIlyas, 


This is actually a community-based forum. HP doesn't have an official presence on the forum, although I personally try to get to as many questions as I can. I'm sure others do too but I can only speak for myself. 


I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem with the webcam. There are a few things you can try. 


I would suggest trying a hard reset as the next quickest and less invasive step. This can sometimes fix strange issues because it drains all of the electricity out of the unit. Here are the steps for a Hard Reset.





If you are getting the same results after a hard reset, you'll want to see if the webcam shows up in Device Manager.


On Windows 8: Press Windows Key  + Q to bring up the Search Bar > Type "device" > Click Settings under the Search Bar > Click Device Manger in the results on the left.


Expand Imaging Devices to see if the webcam is listed.





If it is listed, you'll want to make sure your BIOS and WebCam drivers are up-to-date. Here is a link to the HP Driver Page for the HP ProBook 4520s


If the webcam is not listed, it's possible that it could've come unplugged internally or Windows 8 may not be able to recognize it. 


What operating system came installed on the computer originally? Did the webcam work with it?



Let me know if you have any questions about these steps.


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Re: Webcam is not Working

Hi AxshunJaxun,


Thank you very much for your kind reply.


I tried both ways i.e hard reset and driver update but none of them worked for me.

My computer came with windows 7.  ya it was working in the begining but now i dont know why it is not working. Warranty of my laptop is already expired, so I cannot claim warranty. 

I am running windows 7 32-bit now on my laptop but problem is still not solved.


This is exat error which I am getting all the time and my webcam stop working "Unknown USB Device (Port reset failed)" 


I have one more problem when I am connecting my charger to my laptop it suddenly gets very very slow for maybe 15 minutes and then become normal again.



I hope you can help me, because you are my last hope. 

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Re: Webcam is not Working

Windows 8 may not support the webcam's drivers. There aren't any Windows 8 webcam drivers for it on that notebook's HP Driver page. It may only work with Windows 7. 


For this second issue, look at your advanced power options. A lot of features enable automatically when a power cord is plugged in (wireless increases from medium power saving to maximum performance).


  • Go to the Windows Start screen and press Windows key + Q to bring up the Search bar.
  • Type "power" and click Settings under the Search bar. 
  • Click Power Options from the results on the left. 
  • Click on Change plan settings next to the power plan that is selected. 
  • Click Change Advanced Power Settings. 
  • Scroll through the list and see if there is anything unnecessary that is enabled when the power cord is plugged in.


This still shouldn't cause noticeable slowness for more than a minute or so. I would suggest reinstalling Windows 7 to see if these issues might just be a result of the upgrade. 

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