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broken hinge

My daughter opened her laptop (dv6-1030) and the left hinge broke through the case.  We contacted HP and received a case manager.  She sent a box and we mailed it in.  We were told it was caused by the customer.  Duh!  She opened the case.  It was going to cost over $300 to fix.  After pointing out that they have a real design flaw (we have read hundreds of complaints on the internet about hinges on HP's breaking) I told them to return it.

This computer is not even a year old and because we opened the thing, it broke.

Our case manager was difficult to understand and simply repeated over and over what the repair technician had written.

We will NEVER buy another HP computer. 

The really sad part is we were told by salepeople at Office Depot that we would have to be really mean and loud to the case manager if we wanted to have any chance of getting it fixed.  What a reputation this company has.

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Re: broken hinge

What a shame for HP quality!  I got exactly the same hinge problem with the HP laptop DV6 I bought 6 months ago.

Cannot open/close the screen smoothly due to some loose or broken connector inside. 

Called HP tech support and they refused to honor the 1 year warranty! 

Want to repair it?  only $275 (sic)

Forget it, this is definitely my last HP products!

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Re: broken hinge

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You have 2 options.

1. You can buy a set of replacement hinges on Ebay for $20 an take 30 minutes to install them. HP is making money when they charge $300 to do this.

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I've bought 2 hp laptops in the past. Both never made it past a year.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad thats going on 3 years old with ZERO problems.

And don't forget.........Never buy a HP product again and warn everyone!!!!


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Re: broken hinge

Sad to say, but I bought HP over Dell and Acer because I liked the feel of the keyboard and thought it was a quality product because it was HP.  First they were stubborn about giving me an upgrade disk for Windows 7 (refused because I bought it just before the window when they started offering upgrades).  Now the broken hinge issue which appears to be common.  Not to mention the fact that this is my second HP product with a sticky keyboard. 


When someone spends $700 with you they deserve more than a piece of junk.  All I can say is never HP again.  Thank God for MasterCard buyer protection. 



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Re: broken hinge

I bought my DV6 6 months ago. First my left speaker went down and i had no time to go to service center to get it replaced. Now from past 15 days my left hinge was giving problem. it was simply pushing the bottom body down and because of this i also lost a screw of left corner. Now today while closing the lid something psuhed the bottom body so hard from inside that it made ahole and the broken piece went inside. i think that piece is connected to the hinge and now I can't close my lid.

From all your stories I think HP people are going to refuse to replace or repair. I purchased it by thinking Hp gives best performance, but now I think why I wasted my 1000$ on this crap who's giving me nothing but problems.


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Re: broken hinge

the exact thing hapend to my dv6, i bought it 8months ago and faced alot of heating issues and due to the extreme heating and the cooling when its switched off the left screw came loose and had to use a screw driver every 2 weeks or so to keep the screen stable and normal. recently, the base cracked near the screw and was almost cracked fron the air vent to the hinge and the screen was very loose...knowing that the warranty would be of no use i used super glue and just tightned to screw again and its fine, for now :smileytongue: this is a huge design flaw and regret buying a hp now.

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Re: broken hinge

I have HP Pavilion DV6t and bought it 1 year ago from Costco.  1 week ago, when I open my laptop, I heard audible crack.

When I saw it, my left side was crack open and left hinge looked sunk down.  I realized that I had a 2 year extended warranty from Costco, so I called them.  They told me to send some pictures of my laptop...and they called me back that they couldn't fix it because it is physical damage.  All I have done is use the laptop everyday normally.  What kind of crap is that!!

They told me there was nothing they could do since it was not covered under warranty. 


I must say that I will never ever buy HP laptop.  I truly believe that it is manufacture defect.  Like they did for older model, they should recall this PC so they can fix this issue once in all. 

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Re: broken hinge

Same thing happened to me! they have a flawed hinge design, i doubt it will be covered by warranty i paid for. It almost makes sense they quit the pc industry this week.

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Left side hinge problem

Dear Sir,

                 I have bought a HP Pavillion dv6 and I am facing problem with it 1. It gets over heated in a very shot time. 2. Secondly there is a manufacturing defect in this model i.e the left side hinge. I bought this laptop 8 months back. When I bought after using for a month I noticed that the left side hinge is shaking, I immediately took it jumbo electronic in dubai, since it was under warranty. The technician seen my laptop and told it looks as if you have brought it now from the showroom, I told him sir you are right infact I take real good care of my laptop, but to my surprise I am finding the left inches bit shaky. He took a proper look and told me you are correct theleft inghes is shaky and if you would have  brought in two to three days later your rear side of the laptop cover down of inghes would have cracked and finally the screen. 

              I asked him my friend you can see how well I keep my laptop than what is the problem, he replied that in this month he got 14 laptops this same model  with this same problem i.e the problem with the left side hinge. I asked what exactly is the problem on the left side, he told this is companys manufacturing defect in this model, the company has given just one screw down the left hinges. After 6 months now again my left side inghes is shaking. 

Any solutions pls. reply.

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Re: broken hinge

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Hi everyone.


I am new to this forum, but wanted to add my name and complaint here.  I have an HP dv6, and so far have been fairly happy with it.  HOWEVER....just this month (month my warranty expires, of course), my LEFT HINGE have come loose and I have to treat it very delicately or the computer will take itself into hibernation mode with no warning or apparent cause.  On top of that, I spilled a small amount of water on the keyboard last night - I've never done that before, so naturally I am apprehensive about how it will work out (it is sitting near a fan and I wont use it for several days to make sure it is well dried out.)  I have also experienced the high heat generated by this product; it becomes so hot that I won't touch that part - it occurs mainly on the LEFT SIDE of the bottom of the laptop.  The internal fan is very loud as well; I've had several comments from people who could hear it from across a room.  (I need reminding...why was I ever happy with it again?  Not so much, now that I think about it. :womansurprised: )


This is my THIRD HP laptop.  I guess 3rd time really IS the charm - I doubt I will ever purchase from them again unless some miracle occurs;  I am NOT holding my breath.  LOL


Great forum.  TIA for making it so accessible.



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