dv7-3085dx Bios updates
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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Well, I made my obligitory call into HP Support about my problems syncing my iPhone, I did not get anywhere.  I did get a tech who had me reinstall the latest versions of the chipset drivers and BIOS (which were already present) and this did not resolve the problem.  I had him do a Google search on "iPhone P55 sync" and he saw all of the comments and threads all over the internet about the problem, but his supervisor will NOT escalate this problem because I can't prove that it's not an issue with iTunes.  The tech felt it warranted being escalated, but he saw he couldn't get his supervisor to escalate it to a case manager unless I could prove it was NOT caused by iTunes.  I reminded the tech that Gigabyte resolved the issue with a BIOS update, which does show that it is NOT iTunes, but his supervisor does not agree.


I told the tech, who was very pleasant and helpful (unlike the supervisor), that I wasn't trying to get my problem resolved, but to get it escalated so that HP knew how wide-spread the problem is.  If only 3 of 500 calls ever get escalated past a tier one supervisor, HP may not think they have a wide-spread problem.  The tech was empathetic (and I did believe him), but I told him his supervisor was a narrow-minded pinhead who was just concerned with not escalating calls (since their job is to resolve, not to escalate). 


I'll be sending an e-mail to the CEO about this issue and hoping that the comment will get it around the supervisor who wouldn't escalate it. 


Oh, BTW, reinstalling the chipset drivers did make a difference in how iTunes now fails at syncing.  It completes (doing everything including backing up and transferring app purchases), but gives two different results.  At the top of the screen, it says that the synchronization was complete and I could disconnect my iPhone.  However, an error box pops up saying that the sync could not complete with an unknown error #-6999.  iTunes did NOT get the two updated apps that it appeared to transfer, but it did recognize the backup as being valid.  I had to do an update of the two apps inside of iTunes to have it get the latest versions that it appeared to transfer.  It's like it gets all the info from the phone but just fails when it goes to close things up and finalize everything.


I hope it will be sooner than later that HP fixes this problem.  It is theirs, after all!

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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

If what HP support told mFREDm is true - that they are working on a fix, but that it could be January or February until the fix is delivered - that's really sad. I bought my dv7-3085dx in October. To have to suffer with this iPhone sync problem for up to FIVE months is too long a time. Especially when we've read that Gigabyte already issued their BIOS patch in November. I have to consider taking this back to Best Buy.


I also decided to send HP's CEO a message about this situation. I encourage you all to do the same. His company is wasting tons of their own time (and their customers's time) and money every time that level one agent spends time troubleshooting this problem. This problem should be acknowledged internally within HP so that support agents will know that it's a waste of time to try to troubleshoot an iPhone sync problem is the called has a dv7-3085dx (or other models with similar specs). And they should expedite getting the BIOS patch released to the public.




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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Hi folks,


I managed to get my HP ticket on this escalated to a case.  They have had my contact info since the weekend, but no one has called. 


I have just emailed the SF Chronicle to see if I can get them to write another article on this issue.  I'm not holding my breath, but we'll see.  Here is what I sent them:


=== emailed on 12/2 to SF Chron ===




On 11/3 you did an article about how iPhone users are unable to sync their devies with new PCs.   The article discusses how PC’s equipped with Intel’s P55 Express chipset have the issue, and how many on the Apple forums are complaining about it.  For reference, here is the article:


I and others are encountering this problem on the new HP laptops, and HP’s support has been non-existent and in fact laughable (if I weren’t crying). We have posted tickets through their support site and complained on a variety of tech forums (Apple and HP forums) and after many weeks of this, have gotten nowhere.  As you mention in your article, there are many people complaining about this known problem, yet none of the companies seem to be releasing any information about who the users should contact for help.  The number of posts on this on the Apple and HP forums is large and growing, yet still we get no response from the manufacturers of the chipset (Intel), of the iphone (Apple), or from the motherboard (in my case, HP).  If you look just at the forum posts, it is easy to see that literally thousands of hours have been spent by users who follow the endless loop of useless workarounds provided by HP and the other companies’ support..  These workarounds seem to have no chance of fixing the problem, yet the support personnell continue to suggest them.  Not only do the support personnel provide no real solution, but worse yet, the companies provide no communication whatsoever about when a resolution will be provided.  In fact,  HP does not even acknowledge there is a problem!


Since the manufacturers give no response, it seems the only solution is to go to the media.  Since the SF Chronicle has already done one article on this, I’m wondering if they would be interested in doing a followup.  I’d be happy to provide the full transcript of emails that I’ve had with HP if that is interesting to you.  This past Monday my HP case was escalated to a “case” with a Quality Case manager - I have yet to even receive the call that was promised.  If they ever call, I’d be happy to provide any information from that call that is of use to you.  There are also other users I could direct you to via the forums.


Here are a variety of links to forums where the issue is being discussed:


HP Forum:


Apple Forums:


Good summary on a Microsoft forum:


=== End of email sent to SF Chron ===


Ok, well, I won't hold my breath but at least it's better than talking to HP support again.




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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates



I'm glad to see I'm not alone with my experiences.  Since I found out about the problem yesterday, I'm been spending my life digging up posts, calling HP for help (and wasting my time, but I did want to get my problem counted), etc.  You've been incredibly vocal about getting this fixed and I appreciate your work.  You've been working on this before I even had my new HP notebook, which I love other than this problem.  But, the sheer fact that the supervisor WOULD NOT escalate the case because I couldn't prove it wasn't caused by iTunes (despite what the tech wanted) shows you that they are totally clueless.  It almost seemed like I was talking to an America-based call center, but I can't swear to it.  I just ended up talking in circles and the tech was just as frustrated that his supervisor wouldn't escalate the problem as I was, which I will give him credit for.


This is just a rediculous situation.  Make sure you send that e-mail to the CEO of HP (at the link that has been previously posted).  I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the work you (and many other users) have done to at least get some press coverage of the problem before I even got my dv7t-3000 at the end of November.  Hopefully, it will pay off soon.  This is a big pain and I'm doing another reinstall from my old computer since everytime I try a sync with different settings (like using Vista SP2 compatibility mode, as was suggested on Apple's site, which failed miserably), my iPhone isn't recognized by my old computer.  I'm done until HP fixes this or we have a real other answer. 


Thanks again!


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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Hi Jim,


Thanks for your note.  I did my HP support ticket via email, not phone, and the only way I got them to escalate it to a case was just by saying over and over, in bold fonts, that I was very unhappy with the support I was getting and that I was going to go to the media (SF Chron and cnet) if my ticket didn't get escalated. Each time I referred to all of the forums where the problem was being discussed, though the support person never even acknowleged those forums or said he/she had seen the messages. Finally they did escalate it to a "case".


Anyway, clearly I've gotten nowhere since a case manager hasn't even called.  I emailed today asking where my response was, and they said


"The case manager will take some time to research on your notebook issue, so I request your patience. They will soon get back to you". 


What's that saying - "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".  So today I emailed the Chron.  I also took your suggeestion and forwarded the SF Chron email to the CEO, thanks for suggesting that, good idea.


I tried posting reviews of the dv7t and dv8t on Amazon, but for some reason they haven't appeared.  I don't know why, they weren't rants or anything like that.


Well, we'll wait and see (no doubt with more waiting and less seeing).  It'll likely all end up in the bit bucket but we can hope.



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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Hello, All.


I just submitted my ticket and sent my email (it is below in quotes).  I will post my ticket number once it arrives in my email.


I would like to echo Jim's comment in that Margie and Seth have really gone out of their way... Thanks to you and the rest that have really tried to have your voices heard.  To the rest, I would hope that you would follow their lead; email the manufacturers, CEOs, press, etc... and whomever else until this problem is resolved.




I am joining the masses who cannot sync their iPhone 3G with a PM55 chipset PC.


A number of weeks ago I returned a Sony Vaio VPCCW17FX (aka crash-opotamus) and purchased an HP Pavilion dv7-3085dx.  I am unsure of which is worse; not being able to run my Wacom tablet on the Sony or not being able to sync my iPhone on the HP...  I digress.


As you should well know by now, the dv7-3085dx with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-720QM Processor with PM55 Express Chipset (among other laptops), cannot sync  iTunes to the 3G iPhone.


I have done the following troubleshooting:

1)  Uninstalled/Reinstalled iTunes for PC x64.  Restored iPhone to Factory Defaults.

2)  Flashed BIOS to ensure current version.

3)  Updated all PC drivers.

4)  Uninstalled USB Root Hubs and restarted PC.

5)  Disabled Power Management on USB ports.

6)  Tried running iTunes in various compatibility modes.

In summary; if it was suggested by a service member with Apple, HP or Microsoft, I've done it.


You, HP, as the motherboard/mainboard vendor are responsible for providing a BIOS update in order to remedy this issue.  Please escalate this issue, such that the appropriate individuals and/or departments within HP/Microsoft/Apple/Intel/Insyde can make it happen.  There are more than enough customers that have been affected by this; by my estimate >>1000.


Please see the following:


This deficiency is being reported on Best Buy, PCWorld, CNet, SFGate, Apple Boards, HP Boards, Microsoft Boards, and the like...


We as consumers have a right to a reasonable expectation of pre-purchase product performance.  There is no reason why someone would pay $12xx for a laptop and $3xx for an iPhone and not expect them to communicate with one another.


Gigabyte fixed the problem in November, Asus shortly thereafter, you are trailing sadly behind the competition.


We are nearing six weeks...  What's the delay?  Fix it already!!!"

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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Reply from HP:


to resolve this issue I would request you to updated the BIOS to the
current version (version  F.04 A). If you have already updated to the same one,
please contact to ITune as Itunes software was not preinstall with the HP
notebook. I hope that you understand our limitations and scope of support.

If not, Please follow the web link given below to update the BIOS.


> {ticketno:[8032504827]}




My Reply: (I may have been a little upset)



As stated in the initial support request, listed in the section labeled
"troubleshooting", I have already updated the BIOS (which was already the
current version) and reinstalled the 64bit PC version of iTunes.  My skill level
is also listed as Advanced.

For future reference, please read the support request in its entirety.

I reiterate, this support issue is a LARGE one and is being discussed in MEDIA

Please escalate this to the next level of service and issue a case number.

Best Regards,

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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

For peoples' information there is one more avenue of contact.  After I submitted my letter to the CEO, the auto-response included this:


If there is more you'd like to add, or if there is an unresolved issue, do not hesitate to call the HP Executive Customer Relations office at 800-756-0608, option 7, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.


I have not yet called.... maybe I am a bit burned out, but I thought I would wait a week and see what develops.  I do ultimately think there will be a solution, but like everyone else am primarily vexed by the lack of ownership by HP of the problem so that we know that it will be handled and when.  But if anyone else calls the number please let us know what they say.


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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates I have found a workaround

I have followed this discussion with interest since i too suffer the P55 chipset problem on my dv7 laptop.  I am running Windows 7 pProfeesional and using the latest version of the 64Bit Itunes and like all of you - couldn't sync with my Iphone consistently.  To get around this I plugged a four port usb hub into the laptop and then the Iphone to the hub and had no problem syncing the Iphone.  Have synched several times with out any problems.  the hub is a USB 1.0 so the sync takes a bit longer but it works.  Handy little workaround till HP does come out with a BIOS update to squash this bug.
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Re: dv7-3085dx Bios updates

Hey John,


Your original email to them was excellent, with all that detail.  I agree, their response about updating the bios after an email like yours is absolutely ludicrous.  When an advanced user emails them with the sort of detail that you did, they should have the decency and respect to give some sort of useful answer.  It would be more respectful for them to say "sorry, at this time we just don't have an answer, we will update you when we do", than to just give some useless answer that has already been tried. 


When a user buys a top of the line laptop like the dv7t or dv8t, they deserve better.


I finally got an email  back today on my "case" (hadn't heard anything since Saturday when it was escalated to a "case"):


My name is Jim.  I am a Case Manager with Hewlett Packard.  We are attempting to contact you in reference to your recent complaint with HP.
Please call us today at 877-917-4380 ext. 08.  You will be asked for your Complaint(or case) number.  That number is 7501227580.  We want to make sure we get a Case Manager assigned to your case as soon as possible.

(they've had my contact info since Saturday):


I will call them later today and report back what they say. 




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