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lightning bolt pavilion dv5

hi can anyone please tell me what the fault could be with my laptop whenever i try to turn it on i just get the light on the lightning bolt symbol flash 3 times then nothing :smileymad: any help would be really appreciated

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Re: lightning bolt pavilion dv5

sounds like a dead battery

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Re: lightning bolt pavilion dv5

attewell101, did you ever find out what the lightning bolt problem was? I have the same problem. Can't be the battery as the other poster said. It still flashes 3 times when you have it plugged into AC power.

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Re: lightning bolt pavilion dv5

the lighting bolt flashing 3 times is a dead battery. if it still flashes after you plug it in, check to see if the little white LED near your plug is illuminated. if not then check to see if your ac adapter is plugged in properly. if all that fails try another ac adapter or check your power jack to see if it is loose.

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Re: lightning bolt pavilion dv5

it could also mean that the memory needs to be re-seated
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Re: lightning bolt pavilion dv5

Can I just ask attwell101 (or anyone else) is the lightning bolt you refer to the little LED to the right of the 'power on' symbol and in the middle ie to the left of the 'disk' symbol.

I ask because I have had to put a new battery in my dv5 so chose heavy duty one, put it in, charged, discharged 2 or 3 times and then resumed normal use.

Then something happened.

The middle white LED started to flash, about once every second. (it still is and lap working fine)

BUT curser over battery now shows 67% available (plugged in, not charging)


Advice anyone?

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