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Black ink smears on printing

I have an HP Officejet J6450 that uses 74 & 75 ink cartridges.  I purchased it in March of 2009.


I began to get black ink smears on anything I printed so, I followed all of the suggestions regarding cleaning....

I put in a new black cartridge but  the problem continued to the point that I was ready to throw the printer away.  Eventually, as I was trying to load paper last night, it kept rejecting the paper, indicating that it was the wrong size or type.  Finally a piece of paper jammed in the printer.   As I was removing the paper jam, I saw a small caterpillar size brush in the paper jam.  When I removed the paper, the brush came with it.  The small brush had a sticky side to it and it was covered with black ink.  I have to presume that this is the brush that cleans the ink cartridge head.  It was smearing all of my printing until it dislodged.  I have no idea where it goes nor do I want to put it back in place only for it to dislodge again.   


Now, the printer works fine but I don't have a brush in place to clean the ink cartridges.  A disappointed user.  My next printer will probably be another brand and another set of ink cartridges......


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Re: Black ink smears on printing

Exact same thing happened to me and I was thinking I had run into a batch of bad black ink cartridges, but after the little black brush fell out everything starting printing great again. I thought the little brush was indeed a caterpillar on the floor.  I'm glad it's working again, because I too was disappointed in HP's quality and have never bought any printers other than HP in the past.

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Re: Black ink smears on printing


Ironically the small brush is one that is designed to wipe fibers (paper fibers, pet hair, etc.) from the carriage to prevent ink smearing.  Removing the brush will not have any adverse effects for normal printing.  It at some point in the future the ink smearing returns you can manually clean the bottom of the carriage and print cartridges as shown here


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Re: Black ink smears on printing

I'm having the same problem but i can't find the brush you are all referring to paper loads fine but black ink still smears.

where exactly would this brush be located does anyone or can anyone post a pix?

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Re: Black ink smears on printing

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Little brush came out of paper return while printing. HP Office Jet 6500. Can I replace or repair this? If so how?  Printer still works fine. I've only had the printer long enough to use the initial printer cartridges. What's up?

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Re: Black ink smears on printing

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Exact same thing happened to me today

Smearing, followed by a paper jam, and the removal of a caterpiller like brush on retrieving the jammed paper

I have a J6480 as well

Wont be buying another HP printer

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