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Door Open

When I goto the print option (where it shows printer name, I have a Deskjet F300, how many pages, print range, etc.) in the status is says door open.  I have never seen this before.  This status is also keeping me from printing a document; it has the document as pending and when you check the status bar it also shows door open.  However the print cartridge door is not open.


This problem occured after I had a paper jam, which I thought was cleared.  I also need to change the black cartridge because it is low.  But, if I need to copy something it will copy the document.


How can I resolve this problem?

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Re: Door Open

Try reinstalling your print cartridges.
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Re: Door Open


I belive that in printer and faxes. The printer status shows "Door Open "  but the door i not open.

However you are able to make a standalone copy.


I understand unless the error message is not cleared you will not be able to print.

I belive the printer spooler is jammed and there is no two way communication is happening.

To clear the status please follow the instructions to Restart the Print Spooler device


First  Turn Off the printer.


  1. Open Administrative Tools.
    1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start , and then click Control Panel .
    2. Click Performance and Maintenance .
        NOTE: This step is not necessary in XP Classic View.
    3. Click Administrative Tools .
  2. Double-click Services .
  3. Click Print Spooler .
  4. Click Stop to stop the Print Spooler.
  5. Click Start to restart the Print Spooler.
  6. Click OK .
  7. Restart the computer.
  8. Try the print job again.

 This should resolve the issue

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Re: Door Open

That you so much Mujju!  Your suggestion worked.
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Re: Door Open

I changed my black ink cartridge and I get the message door open when I try to print

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Re: Door Open

In Windows 7 64bit is is not necessary to restart the computer.


To clear/restart print spooler for Windows 7:


1. Open start menu

2. type "services" in the search box

3 right click on "services" and run as administrator

4 click on print spooler

5 in the left hand pane click "restart"

6. close window

7. Happy printing!!

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Re: Door Open

I followed the instructions as a last ditch attempt before throwing my printer away..and ta worked like magic.thanks.

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Re: Door Open

I had exactly the same problem, and this works. Thank you - you're a star! I now have boarding passes and can go on holiday. Yay!

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