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How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

Sometimes when I go to print something it seems to "get stuck" and it says "pending" 2/1 and I can't cancel or delete it and until I can, I can't do anything else.  I've had this issue with HPs in the past.  How do I fix it and prevent it from happening again?

Dell Dimension 8400

Windows XP

HP PSC 1315

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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?



There are a few methods that I've tried in the past.  You might look in this document that I found on the Product Support page.  It covers "Can't Print - Print jobs are stuck in the print queue".  You'll have to expand the document by clicking on the + sign for Windows XP.  The print diagnostic tool listed in the first solution might resolve your issue.



Other methods that I've done when I click on the printer icon down on the task bar, is to choose pause, then cancel the print job. 


If that doesn't work, then I've sometimes disconnected the printer from the computer.  This sometimes allows the print job to go through the motions in Windows thinking that it is printing to the printer.


When all else fails, I restart my PC.  Sometimes I've received a message about a print job pending and do I want to print before restarting, choose No.  Othertimes after restarting and my PC comes back up, there may be a message about printing the pending print job, choose No. 

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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

RIDICULOUS. This problem has been around since the 80:s. Print jobs have been virtually IMPOSSIBLE to cancel/delete in ALL HP printers I have been using over the 25 past years, and we are talking somewhere beteween 100-200 different HP printer models.


It is a print queue. Its not like your trying to control a ballistic rocket in suborbital space.


So fix it.


Cancel = stop with what your doing immediately. Clear out the queue immediately. Immediately means now, not in a few minutes, days or months.



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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

I agree with Richard.  It is RIDICULOUS to call this a solution.  Duct tape on a leaking boat works better and lasts longer.


First I send a 2 page print job to my HP Officejet Pro L7680 for immediate printing.

That fails.  After nothing comes out of the printer I investigate and see that it is "Printing" so I wait a little longer. It becomes obvious that it isn't coming out so I try restarting the job.


Next I delete the print job.  That fails.


Next I run I run the troubleshooter.  It finds that a print job is caught in the print queue and applies its fix.


That didn't fix anything, so then I try to cancel all jobs in the queue with the same outcome, another failure.


Then I try the "HP Solutions" recommendations:


1st duct tape >reboot your printer - spatially inconvienient, inconsiderate of other users, only works maybe 10-20% of the time.   Ususally has to be repeated for each print job.  How is this a solution?  Mostly fails.


2nd duct tape >Reboot your computer -inconvienient to me and a time waster,  applies after frustrated trial and failure listed above.   Furthermore, that works only for a period of time and then the problem resurfaces, usually when I can't afford the delay.   So it is only treating a temporary fix.  It's similar to a doctor who only gives you pills to lessen your symptoms.


The recommendation that I reboot my computer is not a solution.  This has been going on for so long that I find it difficult to recommend HP printers anymore.   What happened to the idea of reliability?  When I send a job to the printer, it should print 99%-99.9% of the time.

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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

Apparently when you make it to being a PHD student you will have a change of heart and start sucking up to HP.  Like the guy with "all you have to do is restart your computer" and "dig around in the admin guts of the machine, then restart it", all this to get even a line of print from a HP printer.  And he doesn't see any problem that needs fixing?

They must teach you that in introduction to PHD class.  

Guess there's no way HP would put any fake responders on the forums?

Would they accidently make it hard to gather information about how wide-spread the problem is?

Do ya trust them about anything they build or maybe they become honest if you spend more money? 



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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

I registered just so I could reply to this discussion


I too have had problems occasionally with "stuck" print files.


This last one was the worst.


It was a 3 page color document and the 3rd page was corrupted.


It couldn't be cancelled and it wouldn't complete printing.


This was on a network printer. So I was running from room to room, pushing buttons, rebooting etc.


I stopped and restarted the sppoling task. I deleted and reloade the printer all to no avail.


Finally a week later and after another full hour today it finally disappeared.


It would be nice if two things could now happen. First, I'd like to punch the CEO of HP in the face. Well, mayber too violent. How about a dodge ball instead.


Second, I'd like to be compensated for my time, paper and ink (liquid gold!)


Not too much to ask I think.



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Re: How To Delete A Job That Just Won't Delete?

Like the person above, I also registered just so I could participate.


Restart my computer to cancel a one page print job? 


I have 6 documents open that I'm working on, 3 excel sheets, a Photoshop application with another 6 images, 5 pdfs, and more...  Just like a real person with a real job.


If I close all of them to restart my computer, I have to remember which ones were open, then open them again, then pick up on my work where I left off, and pray that I didn't forget to re-open any that were in progress .


All to cancel a print job.


HP--are you kidding?


It doesn't work to turn the printer off and then on again.  It still remembers the spooling print job, and still refuses to cancel it.


At the very least, the printer should forget any spooling print jobs, as soon as you turn it off.  How hard can that be for you to implement?


Or how about a big red button on the front of the printer that says "Cancel Print Job".  I would willingly walk across the office to press it, rather than restart my computer.  I would press it 10 times, if you want. 


Is there a simple solution that I'm missing? 



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