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How much ink is in the 364 setup cartridges?

I've bought a B210a that I was going to return because I'm not happy with it, but I don't know if I want to bother returning it since I need an all-in-one and don't feel like gambling with other printers (plus I've been an HP printer customer for ten years - better the devil you know...).


However, I have to figure out the ink economy. My previous printer - a DeskJet 5655 - worked for six years and I think I replaced the cartridges twice. I didn't print enough to ever deplete the ink, rather it dried up and clogged. The last set of cartridges (56/57) had an 'install by' date of 2007-something, and were acting funny by now. Magenta had clogged up entirely. Given that, I spent too much money on too much ink for that printer, but there were no options. I think I wasted more ink flushing the print heads every time I made a print than on the prints themselves.


After a week of having the B210a with its setup cartridges installed, and making mostly test prints, I find that I have depleted very little magenta, yellow, and black ink, but maybe 15% of cyan. And so, I am predicting I'll be getting a set of proper ink cartridges in a few weeks.


The question is - should I get standard of XL cartridges? If the standard ones contain only a little more ink than the setup ones, I think I might want to go with XL. If the standard ones already contain substantially more, maybe they'll fit my needs better. Unlike the DeskJet 5655, now I have a choice of how much money to waste.


So, how much ink is in the 364 setup, standard, and XL cartridges respectively?

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Re: How much ink is in the 364 setup cartridges?

Upon Googling on how HP cartridges are constructed, I came across this page. It's funny how hard it was to find this information. I think it should have been in the product documentation. Maybe it is and only made really hard to find.


I also found this. I wonder if the reduced price of the reduced size black XL cartridge is reflected at my local retailer. My intuition says "no".


Kudos to myself for digging deep into HPs web site and answering my own question so quickly! :smileyhappy:

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Re: How much ink is in the 364 setup cartridges?

Wow, thanks for the post. 


I was about to buy some replacement cartridges for my D5460, they were on a discount site but they were set up cartridges.  The  site you posted said not to use  set up cartridges after the first time or an error would occur.  You just saved me a headache!  Thanks again.

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