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Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

    I have the above printer, just over a year old.  My ink was low, so I replaced it, it printed the alignment page, moved it up and scanned it, then it went to " The printhead installed is not intended for this printer or it may be damaged".

     I followed instructions for cleaning the specified areas- no luck. Unplugged it for 10 minutes and turned it back on- no luck. cleaned one more time- I Quit.  

    Does anyone have a solution?  

    Cost of a printhead?

    Cost of an office space aluminum bat?


No point in wasting my money for teleplone customer service, HP won't ship outside US/ Canada.




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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

I would start by removing the ink cartridges, then remove the printhead and clean the gold contacts on the printhead and in the printer with a damp lint free tissue.


If the above does not help then Contact HP, they do have worldwide support. 

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

I had the same issue.  I could not believe HP product sucks.  I called tech support, and was told it is out of suport.  What a bad product.  The error message appeared when I just removed black ink.  Stupid product!!!!  Never want to buy HP products in my life.

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

This printer is terrible!  I've had it for about one year and have had nothing but problems with it.  You call tech support and cannot get someone who speaks clear English to help.  This is the biggest piece of crap I've ever purchased.  The problem "du jour" is it will not print or copy.  It will send paper through just fine but no printing.  Ink levels are fine!  Connections are fine!  Junk, junk, junk!!!!!!

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

Hi badproduct63

So you're just getting blank pages even though the ink levels are fine?

Try following the steps in this Troubleshooting Print Quality issues document. There are some steps like checking the cartridges are vented properly, cleaning & aligning the printhead etc. that may resolve the issue


Please let me know how you get on

Thanks, Ciara

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

I also have issues and the printer is only a year old. I get an error code that says, Ink System Failure 0xc19a0003

I have followed diagnostics and cleaned printer head, reset printer and still get same message.

I surely would think this printer would last more than a year! Not happy at all

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

I've been having on regular problems with the print quality with this printer since I purchased it just over a year ago.  After the first go-around, HP sent me a new (refurbished) replacement which worked for a few months.  Now, the problem is starting again, and if I understand correctly, the refurbished unit does not have the same warranty as the original one I purchased.


I changed the cartridges with a brand new HP set direct from HP because the print quality was bad - streaked and almost no black.  The printer utility was reporting that they were over half full though.  I had run several clean cycles which did not work and also used what was left of the printhead cleaning kit that HP sent me before they replaced my last printer.  After totally depleting a new set of HP cartridges by running the clean cycle, I loaded up another set and I'm still having the same problems.


I've cleaned the contacts on the printhead, the print carriage and used the special wipes to clean the printheads as well and I'm still having problems.  I've wasted almost $70.00 in ink just on cleaning alone and its still not working.


In addition, the print head replacement kit that HP sent me last year is not the exact kit that came with the printer as it will only work with the high capacity black cartridges and will not accept the regular black cartridges.


I'm very frustrated at this point as I'm in grad school and my son is in college and we spend more time troubleshooting the printer than we do using it and still have to go print elsewhere.  I've got a paper due next week and I am not able to print it out at home...very frustrating.



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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

Did you get the answer to the problem of message 'not intended or damaged printhead'?  Getting same myself when I put new black ink in andthen another.  I have also cleaned the printhead holder but to no avail.

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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

I figured it out!!!  I have the same problem as everyone else has with this horrible printer made by HP!   I took out the printhead and put it in a container with boiling water.  Took it out, enptied water and repeat.  The boiling water cleared out the crap that gets stuck in this faulty product.  After that put it back in, ran a clean printhead and everything was perfect again.  Black ink was printing.  Please spread the word!!  There are forums all over the place about this printer.  Please tell everyone how to fix it!!!


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Re: Photosmart Plus B209 Printhead Problems

Thanks Homer; I tried that and it didn't work, maybe it actually was broken down!  Bound to happen to someone.  Pain in the butt.

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