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Printing Envelopes

My C6280 All-In-One printer will not allow me to print half card envelopes, it also does not allow the printing of No.5 1/2 envelopes.


All of my previous HP printers have printed them with no problems at all. Is there a fix for this, or do I have to buy a different brand printer?

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Re: Printing Envelopes

May I confirm that you want to print an envelope of size 5 x 11 1/2 inches from your Photosmart C6280? if that is the case then let me provide an wed document which specifies the document specifications which you can print ON and the types supported by the All-in-One printer.


Here is the web link:


Open the above web link and scroll down to "Paper Types Supported" and check if the type you want to print is present in there.

If you are trying to print from microsoft word you can select the size of the envelope for 5 x 11 1/2 inches and then try to print. 


Let us know the result.

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Re: Printing Envelopes

try setting paper/quality type from printer properties or print preferences to plain paper.  this will work
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Re: Printing Envelopes

When printing half fold cards, an 8.5" x 11" piece of letter size paper is used and folded in half leaving a card 5.5" x 8.5" and the envelope size is 5.75" x 8.75". The printer C6280 does not specify an envelope this size ? But yet the sofware that comes with the printer HP Photosmart Essential 3.5 was developed for half fold cards and it also lists envelopes to fit half fold cards. So why does the printer not support envelopes for half fold cards ?

If it will print 5.75" x 8.75" envelopes, please let me know how to do it.

I did go to the web link that pradeep mentions and the half fold envelope is not listed ?

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Re: Printing Envelopes

Thanks to Luts_Tech, using the plain paper setting works in both the American greetings program and using WORD.

To find plain paper in either of these programs, go to File, Print,Properties,Features, Paper Type, More, click on plain paper and then click on OK.


In Microsoft Word, inorder to print a half fold envelope, the following is what I found works.

Open a new document


       Letters & Mailings

         Envelopes and Labels

           Envelopes, fill in both delivery and return addresses.


               Envelope options

                 Envelope size

                   Custom size

                     Width 8.75

                     Height 5.75


                          Printing options

                             Feed method:

                               Face down and to the right

                                 Feed from:

                                    Main tray



Works good on my system, hope it works for you.

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Re: Printing Envelopes

I've spent two days trying to print a half fold envelope! Used all the HP Options to correct but nothing worked. THANK YOU and Luts_Tech from the bottom of this old heart for giving me such a simple fix..if only I'd found you sooner, I'd be finished by now. I had begun to think my Valentine's day cards would mail out by Easter!

I'm very grateful. Angel Hugs to you, Gramicake2

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Re: Printing Envelopes

Hi, I have an 'all in one' printer,  I keep getting 'paper size mismatch' when I try to print a 6x4 envelope, I'm using Windows Microsoft Word on a Vista premium computer... anyone got any ideas as to what's wrong with my printer?

 regards Marion

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Re: Printing Envelopes

I just purchased the all-in-one Color Laserjet CM1312nfi MFP. It's an upgrade fromy my Laserjet 3055 all-in-one which is black and white. The 3055 had a bypass tray where I could insert envelopes to print. For some reason, the 1312 does NOT have a by-pass tray. Do I presume that I must empty the paper tray, align the guides, and then insert the envelope to print? And. of course, reverse that process in order to print paper again.

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Re: Printing Envelopes in American Greetings CreateaCard Program

[ Edited ]

When you talk about American Greetings program, are you taling about the American Greetings CreataCard Platinum 8 program?  I ask because you stated "to find plain paper in either of these programs, go to File, Print, Properties, Features, Paper type."  The American greetings does not have a " file"to go to for printing.  Nothing I am doing will work to print a 1/2 card envelope.  Let me know if you have any ideas.  You may email [text removed for privacy].  Thank you, Lisa

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Re: Printing Envelopes in American Greetings CreateaCard Program

Just spent half a Saturday trying to print a half fold greeting card envelope from the American Greetings Create A Card printing program to my HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A.  Wasted many expensive blank envelopes before I came to the conclusion that the printer is not able to understand the commands American Greetings are giving it. So, the only thing that works is to go into the Microsoft Word program and use  "Custom"  for envelope size. Exact directions are given in a previous post. Yes, it's very frustrating and annoying. It's also a mystery why  HP printers can't seem to patch in a fix for this common problem.

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