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Printing envelopes on HP 8600

I need to print addresses on different size envelopes e.g. No. 10 envelopes; Greeting card envelopes etc. How do I set up my HP 8600 Printer to adjust for the size of envelopes?

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Re: Printing envelopes on HP 8600

Hello sethinj,


Welcome to the HP Forums!


I understand you would like to print address on different size envelopes. I will do my best to assist you! What is your operating system on your computer? Windows or Mac?


What program are you using to print these envelopes?


Are you just trying to print envelope size 10 or other sizes? Please list them on this post.


Please verify this information and I will assist you further! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Printing envelopes on HP 8600

I'm working with Windows 7. I generally use no 10 envelopes & can print addresses on these through Word. My neighbor wants to print envelopes for Hallmark Cards generated through Hallmark's Card printing program. I'm not sure about envelope size. However my question pertains to envelops of sizes other than # 10
Thank you
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Re: Printing envelopes on HP 8600

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Thank you for this updated information.


I understand your neighbor wants to print envelopes using the Hallmark Cards Software. I found a document on How do I print an envelopes using Hallmark Software.


Also, I am going to provide the HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One Series Printer Series Product Specifications. Please click on "Paper-handling specifications", then click on "Supported Envelopes sizes". This document states what sizes are supported for your printer.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. Have a great day! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Printing envelopes on HP 8600

I'm posting this here because I now have very little hair left after trying to print odd sized envelopes like Christmas Card sizes that are not supported.  This is not a perfect solution but it may help someone.

My printer feeds envelopes from the middle of the tray and the print side is down so if yours feeds from the right or left you may need to adjust this concept to fit your situation.

The key point is that you are feeding the printer an odd sized envelope and making it think it is printing on a regular letter size (8.5" x 11" ) sheet of paper.  You can accomplish this by clever setting of the margins.


1. Open a new document using the letter  size in landscape mode.

2. Carefully measure the envelope height and width (HH, WW). to the nearest 1/16th and convert to decimal size.

3.Assuming your pinter feeds smaller objects from the center like mine, set the page margins as follows:

     a. Left margin = Page width - Env. width  = 11"-WW"

     b. Top margin = (page height - Env height)/2 +.2"  = (8.5-HH)/2 + .2

     c. Right margin = .5  (not critical since envelope image area will be near the bottom of the letter page area)

     d. Bottom margin = (page height-Env height)/2  = (8.5-HH)/2

4.  Leave all the other printer settings as you would for printing a letter but if you have more than one tray you may need to select the tray with the envelopes when you go to print.

5. Save this document as a template and you can use it again or adjust for different sized envelopes.

5. Try regular paper in the tray you intend to use to make sure the printing is in the desired area. and make any adjustments to the margins.  Then try feeding an envelope and make any final adjustments.

6. load envelopes and print. --


my printer images the envelope area in the middle of the letter page and right justified as I look at it in landsape orientation.  When the paper sits in the printer that area would be in the middle of the tray and the edge toward me.  If yours prints in another place on the page you will need to adjust the margins accordingly.  For example, if you printer tray feeds envelops from the right side, flap up and to the right, your top margin would be zero or minimum, and your bottom margin would be 8.5 - HH.


I hope this helps someone avoid all the pain and suffering I experienced trying to get my HP printer to print christmas card envelopes.

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