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print pdf on hp laserjet 1022



I have a laserjet 1022 printer.

It is connect to  PC with windowz xp service pack 3 by usb

When I try to print a pdf document with same image in it, there is an error.

The printer is stopped, the spool service of windows go to error.

If I reset the PC the spool error presents again.

I must reset printer by a microsoft utility, and reinstall the printer.

Bu I can't print the file.


thanks' in advance





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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022

did you ever resolve this issue?  We have a couple Laserjet 1022n printers on windows 7 that crash the print spooler.  Seems like it's PDFs that have been scanned or have pictures embedded in them.



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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022

I am not sure of a permenant fix, but you can stop the spooler

go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and remove the hung print jobs in there.  For some reason, mine show up as shockwave files but delete them.   Turn your print spooler service back on and your printing should be good.  The only thing is, if you try to print that same pdf , it will hang up again and you will have to redo this process.

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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022

It looks like this printer driver cannot handle .pdf files.

It is too bad that this printer has this silly issue. I mean who does not print pdf's these days?!

I would suggest to get a replacement printer after you do your research.


Any way, in order to fully recover after sending a .pdf job to this printer without restarting goes as this:


From task manager, kill spoolsv.exe process

Browse to %systemroot%\System32\spool\PRINTERS

If you see files in here delete them, these are the spooled jobs that are stuck (if no files exist, move on)

Restart the spooler service


This has worked 100% for me.

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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022


If you have not already you will need to remove the bad files from your print spooler.

  1. Stop the printer spool service by right clicking on your My Computer icon and selecting "Manage"
  2. Expand "Services and Applications" and the click on services
  3. Browse through the list of services and find "Printer Spooler".
  4. Right click on the "Print Spooler" service and select "Stop" if Stop is grayed out or disabled and "Start" is an available option, then the service is already stopped.
  5. Go to the c:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers folder
  6. You should see some files in this directory with a .SHD file extension or a .SPL extension you will want to delete these. In some cases you may see other files in this directory as well, and in general it is safe to delete them. Files besides the .SHD and .SPL should be backed up before you delete them to be safe.
  7. You may either reboot the computer or Start the "Print Spooler" service manually.

Once your print spool is clear you can now proceed with the following on the trouble computer:

First you will want to turn off any advanced printing features for your printer.

  1. Click on Start then control panel, and then Printer and Faxes
  2. Right click on the HP Laserjet 1020 (or other affected) printer and select Properties
  3. Click on the Advanced tab
  4. Uncheck "Enable advanced printing features"
  5. Click the OK button

With that done, you will also need to make sure that you do not create PDF print jobs that the printer may still not work with.

  1. Open a PDF file with Adobe reader
  2. Go to File and then Print
  3. Look for the Advanced button towards the bottom left and click on it
  4. You should see an option on this screen that says "Print as Image". Place a check mark there and press Ok.
  5. You can now press the print button and it should work fine. Be sure to always check that "Print as Image" option before printing a PDF document.
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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022

[ Edited ]

I have same problems with any pdf-files.

I can print crashed file(s) only on other(s) printer(s) same as 2015, 3030 etc.

I've tested ALL 1022-drivers (32&64) on XP/Vista/7 and get crash print-spooler !!!

I can only delete this document from spool and print it by other printer...

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Re: print pdf on hp laserjet 1022

spooler error and my computer says that I don't have a printer attached to it

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