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HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

My new Windows 7 doesn't seem to want to work with my (black and white) Laserjet 6P.  I've tried downloading the drivers (which HP says it has and that Windows 7 supports this printer), I've tried doing the online diagnostics, I've phoned HP (but of course, there is no support for this printer anymore), and nothing works.  The computer finds the printer, but no test page prints.  No lights show any communication between laptop and printer at all.  Anybody know how to solve this?


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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

It won't work. If you need some driver on Win 7 - don't look at HP site - Microsoft does it way much better, Go to google and look for Microsoft Update Catalog - use 1st link and you'll get it. But I should warn you - this printer is too old for windows 7. But if you have it - I should wish you best luck with it as you gonna need it pal ;]

If I were you - I would probably use hammer on that printer and but a new one, because it will save you money and huge amount of nerves.

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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

You can try going into "Device and Printers" and selecting "Add a Printer".

Select "Add a local printer".

If it's on a network and if you've already created a network port, you can select the port in the existing ports list. Otherwise, select to "Create a new port" and select a "Standard TCP/IP port" and follow the instructions. (I'm assuming it's not connected via parallel port since I don't believe any laptops have included them in many years. If it is, then select the appropriate LPTx: port.)

Unselect "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use."

Enter your printer info.

After detecting the device, It will then ask for the print driver.

Select "HP" as manufacturer and select either "HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL 5" or "HP LaserJet 4100 Series PCL6".

Those two drivers are the closest match to a LaserJet 6P driver that's supported in Win7.


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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

Hello Jillian,


I've just got my LaserJet 6P to work with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, using a Belkin USB printer adapter (USB to 36 pin centronics 1284).


In Control Panel, I opened Devices and Printers, clicked Add Printer, chose Add Local Printer, choose USB001 virtual printer port for USB, clicked next, chose HP as the manufacturer, and looked for the LaserJet 6P. It wasn't listed, but I clicked on the Windows Update button and eventually (it took a few minutes), a refreshed and fuller listing of HP printers appeared, and the 6P was listed. Then I installed it, and successfully printed a test page.


Hope this helps.



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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

If you are having this problem, you have likely had to switch to a USB to Parallel Printer Cable.  You should make sure it is bi-directional.  Hook it to the computer first, then the printer which is turned off.  Start your computer and turn on the printer.  Click "Start.", then Devices and Printers.  You may need to go to control panel first, but click Devices and printers.  Right click on the printer image.  Left click printer properties.  Left click "Ports."  Your printer will probably be listed on LPT1 or something like that.  Change it to "USB001."  Click "Apply."   Follow any other instructions Windows 7 gives you.  You should be able to print after following these steps.  Took me three hours to get this working after updating Windows 7 printer drivers so I could download the HP Laserjet 6P driver.  Oy.  What happened to just plugging them in?

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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

I am having the same issue!!!!!  I am very frustrated!!!  My printer works just fine (with the XP OS) ....HELP!!!

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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7


I've had a chance to review some of the post response and there are some good ideas.  I hope that you were able to get this resolved.  If not, I've attached a link below that may assist as well..

Good Luck!:smileywink:




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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

I have in the past used my HP LaserJet 6p printer with my Windows 7 . I just got a new computer with Win 7 and it will not work. I am using a Network Print Server setup. Sure would like to use it again.

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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

Hi swutuk; 


Hope you are doing well and welcome to the communtiy; 


Your HP LaserJet 6p printer is a commercial product. I suggest posting in the forum for HP Business Support for even  a  better chance at finding a prompt solution.

You may find the commercial Laserjet board here.

Best of luck;

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Re: HP LaserJet 6P and Windows 7

I ran into this problem as well. I solved it by buying a cable from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UX21PY/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00


the printer was up and running in minutes. 




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