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Installation quits; what is "got message 1127 msg.message"?

hi there; i have a C7280 AIO connected through a network.

I've installed it in a vmware (guest and host are both Win 7) virtual machine successfully.

When I went to install in a fresh virtual machine -- the installation doesn't get very far; and then it just quits silently, no error messages or anything.

Rooting around i found this log file C:\Users\All Users\HP\Installer\Temp\hpzstu000.log which seems to hold the clue -- what does "got message 1127 msg.message" mean?


20130217135337:00012E4C3:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++ Starting: hpzstub.exe
20130217135337:0001326C7:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++ From: \\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\
20130217135337:00013549D:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++Command Line: "\\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzstub.exe"
20130217135337:000139963:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++ File Size: 1225016
20130217135337:00013C135:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++ Version: 13.0.445.0
20130217135337:00014C38A:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)+++ Working Dir: \\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull
20130217135337:00014D315:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Parsed command line: "\\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzstub.exe"

20130217135337:00014EBE0:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135337:0001514FD:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135337:000154DDF:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135337:000157836:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135338:000166263:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)hpzstub.exe version=13.0.445.0, Image=32 bits
20130217135338:000168536:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Running on Windows PlatId=2 Version SP=1.0 Windows 64Bit OS=1
20130217135338:00018386D:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135338:0001874E4:0400(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)!! RenamedAutorunFolder key is missing!!
20130217135338:0001892CE:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Using datfile: \\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\autorun.inf

20130217135338:0001BA30E:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Loaded 7 models in 78 ms
20130217135338:0001BCF93:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)System LangID from GetSystemDefaultLangID = 1033.
20130217135338:0001BE16F:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)System LangID = 1033. mapped to ENU
20130217135338:0001BFA7D:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)We are using the system language=ENU, which is on our CD!
20130217135338:0001CD831:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)RemoveFromStartUp: \\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzstub.exe - Attempting to remove a shortcut.

20130217135338:0001CF52C:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 1636540
20130217135338:0001D043C:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 1636520
20130217135338:0001D5092:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 1636540
20130217135338:0001D5FFF:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 1310740
20130217135338:0001D7F00:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 0
20130217135338:0001D9182:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Waiting for other thread
20130217135338:0001DA028:0001(0000-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Launching "\\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzsetup.exe" -wStub 393648

20130217135339:00027EDF1:0008(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)## LaunchApp("\\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzsetup.exe" -wStub 393648,1,00000000,00000000) failed with 2

20130217135339:000283F3B:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Exiting Run() with 2 returned from "\\ed-pc64\Bulk\temp\HpC7200SallysFull\hpzsetup.exe" -wStub 393648

20130217135339:000286533:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)got message 1127 msg.message
20130217135339:00028862E:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)We saw the end of the stub thread
20130217135339:00028B0AD:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Exiting Run() with 2

20130217135339:00028D651:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 0
20130217135339:000290780:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 0
20130217135339:0002ABC30:0001(0001-0000)(hpzstub.exe)Setup window is 0 and laparam = 0

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Re: Installation quits; what is "got message 1127 msg.message"?

I think you need to start with a new copy of the download.


From the messages it looks like the install was done by running the contents of a 7Z* folder in the temp directory.  This will not work as during the previous install files will have been renamed to change the relaunch experience.


Best idea is to re-extract the download on the virtual PC or redownload the software from the web.


I hope this helps




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Re: Installation quits; what is "got message 1127 msg.message"?

yup -- re-doing everything did work.


What i was trying to accomplish was to pre - un - 7zip the installation files to a network share (thus the path in that log file was something like \\ed-pc64\bulk\....

What is odd is that I did do that several times to both other (actual) computers on my network as well as other virtual machines.


oh well.

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