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MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

I recently (Black Friday) got an HP 5360 Printer and spent about 10 hours before I got the software to correctly load for it.  About two hours of that was on the phone with HP tech support - which really wasn’t much help - but I somewhat understand their position also.  Anyway, I thought I would post the fix here in case anyone else was running into the same problem.


I am running Windows XP SP2, btw.


I don’t remember the exact wording, but the install would complete about 6% and then come up with a form titled MSI.dot4wrp that said something like “Fatal Error - C:\Windows\System32\hpbmaipi.dll failed to register.  H result  -2147221164”


I called Tech Support and they seemed familiar with the error and suggested that it was a problem with my CD-drive reading the install CD.  Based on this, I tried the install with my DVD-drive and also with the software (all 167 Mb) downloaded from HP, and with the contents of the CD copied to the HD - same exact failure at the same exact point.


I called Tech Support again and the second technician showed me how to go to the Printers and Faxes dialog and select Add Printer and install the driver manually using the Have Disk option.  This worked fine and the printer printed fine, however, unlike my previous (nonHP two different manufacturers) printers, HP doesn’t not include the maintenance options in the driver file, so to be able to clean the print heads, align the cartridges, or even check ink levels, I needed the HP Solution Center software installed.  Obviously, the printer was not going to work well for long if I had no means of doing the above.


I spent another half-hour with tech support and essentially they said if the software wouldn’t install from the web or from a CD, there was nothing they could do (they did ask to remote in, but I didn’t have Internet on the computer that was having the problem.)


As a test, I installed the software on a different computer running XP SP3, and it installed fine, so I knew at least that it wasn’t a bad CD or anything like that.


I tried a selective start with msconfig as recommended on with no improvement.


I then Googled on “MSI.dot4wrp” and someone on another forum recommended uninstalling and reinstalling C:\Windows\System\msiexec.exe with a pair of command line arguments (msiexec /unregister and msiexec /regserver).


Anyway, I didn’t even see a Windows\System\misexec.exe, so I copied one over from a backup disk and tried the arguments, re-booted and tried the install again.


This time, the install completed about 26% and then said something like “Could not start Windows Installer Service - this may occur if you are in Safe Mode or do not have administrative privileges”.  (But I was not and I did).


A google search for “Windows Installer Error” turned up another forum with several links to Microsoft KB articles, a link for the Installer program, and a recommendation for the program Dial-a-fix,


Anyway, I installed the latest Windows Installer, ran the clear temp files and fix Windows Installer portions of Dial-a-fix, and was back at 6% and could not register hpbmiapi.dll


I tried copying hpbmiapi.dll from the good install to Windows\System32 on the bad computer and manually registering it using “regsvr32 hpbmiapi.dll” and got an error 0x80040154 - which I found out is “class unrecognized”.


On somewhat of a blind hunch, I ran Dial-a-fix with all 5 possible fix options selected (and also used the “tools - Restore permissions” option).  Several of the option 4 SSL dll’s failed to register, but were fixed by Option 5.


I didn’t really expect it to work (and was considering re-installing WinXP), but to my amazement, the software installed without a hitch after I did that.


I understand HP can’t really recommend freeware software that affects other portions of the OS besides the portions their software requires, but I wanted to post this in case it helps someone else.


BTW - the printer itself is very nice if you can get the software to install correctly.
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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Just wanted to let you know that I also used dial a fix after three agonizing nights of trying to install the c780 printer.  It was unbelievable -- worked great and I am in business now.  HP support had me about crazy and I never did get it installed on their instructions.  Glad I joined up with this forum. 


Thank you, thank you


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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

I found another flaw with the HP software, but this was a bit easier to track down and fix.


When I installed the printer, it creates a removable drive (E:\ on my computer).  It took me a long time to figure out what this was and where it came from - but I think it is for the memory card reader on the printer.


Anyway, that caused a problem for me b/c I use Daemon Tools so I don’t have to swap in and out CD’s and some of the games need to be in the lowest lettered drive to work, and with E:\taken, they would be placed below my fixed drives.  I can’t blame HP for that, though.


The easy fix I thought would be to go to Settings\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Computer Management and go to Disk Management and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.  That worked fine except after I did that, the HP solution center said “Cannot find any HP devices, Solution Center will now close”, even though I had just printed to the printer.  I can blame HP for that 


The final fix was to uninstall the HP software, run Daemon Tools and enable the DVD-drive emulation so Drive E was taken, install the HP software again, and then disable the virtual DVD drive.


That works, but I still end up thinking HP should have built the printer management functions into the printer driver so none of this would have been required.
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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Just wanted to add - I MIGHT have figured out why the original install failed (for those that don't want to trust Dial-A-Fix).


I know I dislike Windows built-in zip support and previously disabled it here.


I noticed last night that it was back again - which makes sense since Dial-A-Fix re-registers a bunch of .dll files.


I don't know for sure that they are related, and I'm not planning to unregister it and try to re-install again just to find out - but it would be something to consider if you are haven't installation issues.


Also - if HP Tech Support is following this - maybe this is what causes the problem.


Hope This Helps!!! 

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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Here is additional information for others having this same problem.  After many hours of trying to install C7280 (3 hours of which was on the phone with HP support) and getting the same error message that is in the original message of this post, I found another post with the following fix and it worked for me. There is a missing file atl.dll and to load the file use the following command from the Start:Run window:  regsvr32 c:\windows\sysem32\atl.dll


Hope this works for anyone else having the same frustrations.

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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Exactly same problem (hpbmiapi.dll failed to register,  Fatal error with MSI.do4wrp).  The easiest fix seemed this one running regsvr32 manually with atl.dll. Thanks for saving me time not having to call HP!
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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Thanks luv2trl.


I was with online tech support for 5 hours and couldn't fix the problem.


- I ran you suggestion regsvre32 c:\windows\system32\atl.dll

- Cleared my temp file by running %temp% and deleting everything in the directory.

- Cleared the files from the initial failed instatllation by right clicking the drive with the disc, open drive, open UTIL Folder, open CCC Folder, run uninstall_L3.

-  Reboot.

- Install HP Software.

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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Hello to everybody,

I had the same problem with these error messages:


Now Launching=X:\hpzmsi01.exe -m dot4wrp  -l XXX -f X:\DIVins??.DAT
MsiOpenProduct failed with Origine dell'installazione del prodotto non disponibile. Verificare che l'origine esista e che vi si possa accedere.
Error message received: A later version of 32 Bit HP CIO Components Installer is already installed.
X:\cioum32.msi failed with return code 1603
MSIInstall() failed with 1603
Exit code=1603


this has happend the second time i was installing an HP C7280 on a Win XP Home SP2; the first install was ok but I was having USB connection problem (see separate subject)

Because I added some patches (recommended by HP) to the original installation; uninstalling was impossible to remove the HP CIO Components.

the only way that has worked was running the windows installer cleanup utility

download here:

install; then run it; it will show you all MSI registred istallations, choose the HP CIO components and remove it



good luck

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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

I am so disgusted with HP.  I started a new business March 2008.  Went out and bought a K8600 for tabloid  and J6480 all-in-one for everything else.  The software has been a real pain.  I miss the old HP.
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Re: MSI.dot4wrp and Windows Installer Error Solution for HP Printers

Solution in my case has been as follows:


Op.Sys XP SP3, All in One F2280, "Error 2753" during middle of installation, cause declared "msi.dot4wrp"

Before having the solution I tried all recommendations above and from other sites. " msiexec register, atl.dll,

registry clean, etc..


Finally I recognized there are hp dll files left in windows\system32 directory, probably from previous installs.

Some of them are still active and loaded during start up. "Win startup didn't show them"

Even I had cleaned using uninstall.bat comes in hp install cd utils directory.


First, I deleted the files beginning with hp*.dll checking properties if they are really from Hewlett-Packard.


One or two of them said cannot be deleted. Write these names, search registry (find in registery), delete it from

registry, and after deleting from registry, go windows\system32 and delete these leftovers.


Startup Windows.


In my case, F2280 All in one printer installation ended up smoothly. Hope this can be useful for similar cases.

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