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OfficeJet 5610 wont install on Windows 7

Our new Dell Windows Pro 7 64bit system will not install the software for the OfficeJet 5610 all-in-one printer.

First attempt to install was from the downloaded software and driver from HP website.

Second attempt was from the CD that we bought from HP for Windows 7 specifically.

Both attempts start up the installation, it goes through the process of extracting the files ... and then the installation screens go away and never come back.  There doesn't appear to be any kind of progress bar or error messages either.


We have gone through the suggested topics to turn off the startup programs, TSRs, uninstall previous installations etc but with no help.


I haven't tried to install this on another Windows 7 system yet but that is my only other next step in this odd problem.


Please help this confused soul.




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Re: OfficeJet 5610 wont install on Windows 7

OK... Tried to install the full package again from CD on another computer.  No Joy... Although a slight difference noted.


On the New'est' Windows 7 system ( the one that the printer resides on  USB type connection.) the install says it will be installing the software in the Program Files (x86) \HP\ folder but it never does "install anything there"


On the Win 7 system (2nd one) that was just tried the software says it will install the software in the Program Files\HP\

Note that the (x86) is missing here... and there IS a set of new files there ( gup and wup)


I have also downloaded and run both diagnostics (one for the scanner and one for the printer.)  The scanner fails when it hits the driver portion and the printer runs ok except that it notes that the printer is not the default printer.


What a mess.

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Re: OfficeJet 5610 wont install on Windows 7

OK again... The two systems are not both 64 bit OS.  Hence the (x86) on the first one i suppose.


Alright this is what I tried next.

Found the "Connect your printer to Windows 7 wizard" 

Ran the wizard... takes @ 17 minutes to download the 380Mb of data.


1st time it quit at 7 minutes into the download it claimed that the download was terminated and asked to RETRY.... I agreed

2nd time it got to 380Mb of 380Mb and claimed that the download was terminated and asked to RETRY...I again agreed

3rd time it made it through the download and started extracting the files... Went into the installation and when it came up and said that the basic drivers were there but not the full software complement it said that it was downloading the full software... I terminated it .... HP then wanted me to take a survey .... I decided that it would not be a good time to answer a survey.


The install never gets to the point of asking me to install the USB cable... it just goes away and then is silent ... No applications running in the task manager,,, NO software installed in the New Programs etc.... just nothing

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Re: OfficeJet 5610 wont install on Windows 7

[ Edited ]

This issue is now fixed...


The fix process was to unplug the USB cable from the printer.

Remove the printer from the list of printers in the devices and printers area of Windows 7

Run the software that came on the CD from HP ( probably could have used the downloaded files from HP support)

During the installation after you select INSTALL from the pop up window ( it will also show read-me etc...)

The next screen tells about warnings and you have to check the "agree box" to continue

This next page is where I clicked on each of the four options and made changes

  The part that shows each item that is to be installed is where I unchecked all but the very first check box
Make sure that you open and exit each of the 4 selections (they will turn a different color when you do)

Click the button to continue and this time you will get to a point where the software finally will ask you to connect the USB to the printer.


Now rerun the software package a 2nd time and a screen will come up that asks you to install "additional software"

Select each one that is appropriate ( OCR recognition, shop for ink and paper etc...) and let the software run until finished.


Now reboot your system and the "HP solutions center icon" should now be on your desktop.



BTW i tried to use the "Install your printer on Windows 7 Wizard" and of the 8 different times it tried to download the 380Mb file, it only completed once.  The other times it died on various times and amounts saying that the "download was cancelled"   Nice one HP.. at least fix it so we can continue with a download at the point of failure vs having to start from the beginning. 8 x 17 minutes is 136 minutes of wasted time.


Please mark this as a fixed problem.


also please e-mail me at {Personal Information Removed} if anyone has questions regarding this problem.  I would be happy to help you.

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Re: OfficeJet 5610 wont install on Windows 7

I have tried for 8 hours to find the solution to not being able to load the software.  I thought this answer would be the saving one but alas it did not solve my issue.  The problem you describe is identical to my situation; do you have any other tips/tricks?

In terms of turning off the antivirus and firewall, I do not know how to do that but I also feel that is not the issue.

I also tried the fix for the AMD Processor issue but that did not work either.


Desperate for a free solution.

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