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Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

I purchased a Hallmark Invitation set and created a word document with the appropriate page size settings and border settings for the custom page size formatted cards.  I am running windows 7, and believe to have all of the appropriate updated drivers for the printer.  My document will print on an 8 x 11 sheet, but not on the roughly 4 x 6 sheets for the cards.  If I load the small size paper, the print spits it out and flashes - Paper Mismatch, press ok to cancel.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

did you ever get this problem solved???

i'm having the same issue.




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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

I am pretty sure this is a word document thing.  Make sure that Page Setup is correct and then when you go to print, that the print job says to use a custom size.  In Windows, you often have to do both.


This should be in the print dialog box when you start a print job (File > Print or ctrl >P).  You will not get this dialog if you just click the printer icon in Word to print.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

I am having this problem. The solution given did not help. The odd thing is the gripper roller that pulls the printer paper up into the printer is on the left, outside of the plastic bar when it is squeezed in to hold the custom-size paper. Thus it seems like the printer is inherently unable to pull up paper that is less than 8.5" wide.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print


  you might try printing at a lower resolution to see if this gets around the 'Mismatch' problem (i know, it's not intuitive...).


 Try printing in Draft or maybe Normal mode to see if this gets around the issue, as a test.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

Make sure the paper is within the supported size and weight. If you're trying to print on 4 by 6 paper, there should already be an option within the driver to auto select that paper size. If you're choosing a size and rounding, that could possibly also through off the printer as it's looking for the size paper entered rather than what may be in there. Sometimes paper that is too heavy could also interfere. Try looking at the paper handling specifications in the link below, and then once we've verified that it's a supported type, and that your numbers and input matches the paper, we can continue from there.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

I'm trying to print 8.5x5.5 invitations, and then I will print 5.5x4.25 response cards and envelopes.  I'm getting the mismatch message every time.  I'm in desparate need of help with this!!! 

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

Go to printer properties. under features choose custom paper size. Change the name in the box from custom to your own title type in the size and then press ok.

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

I finally got mine to print.  I did what one user suggested and went thru the settings in Word.  clicked on the small square on left bottom corner of PAGE SETUP.. from there PAPER.. then PRINT OPTIONS.. then ADVANCED.. scroll down to the "print" section.. unclick the box that says "scale content to A4 or 8 1/2 X 11 paper sizes".  VOILA it worked!! 


Oh and also be sure the box is checked that says  Default Tray - use printer settings.


I also set on my printer the custom setting for my invitation and used the paper type matte greeting card.


Hope ths helps!!

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Re: Officejet 6500 - small paper size won't print

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Just so you know, I've spent most of the month on the phone and chat with support on this. There is no "Features" tab in the printer properties:




If I choose Printing Preferences at the bottom, then the Paper/Quality tab, then the Paper Size, there is no "Custom" option.


The 4th person I spoke with said that he would send my issue to level two support and gave me a new reference number. The 5th person I spoke with said there isn't a level two support and that my new reference number belonged to a different person entirely. The supposed manager of the 3rd and 4th support person said that custom sizes are not supported even though it is documented in the manual, on the HP support site, and in the printer specifications on the HP site.


The paper sensor is documented that it is intended to prevent printing on the wrong size paper thereby saving ink. I have yet to print on the right size paper and have been able to print on 8.5x11 paper, the wrong size, dozens of times thereby wasting plenty of ink.


The drivers are bad, period. Support tried new 710n drivers, drivers for the 709-z version of the printer, and generic drivers. The instructions on the help page say to disable the paper sensor by selecting Plain Paper, yet it won't disable.


I have an HP printer that will do custom sizes. If I have to keep it just to get network printing, then I might as well keep my fax machine too and take this thing back. HP won't recognize that they have made an error. At least the final person I spoke with agreed with me, but I have little hope for what he can do about it.


Incidently, I'm using the printer with Vista 32-bit and a lan connection direct to my router and printing with Word 2007. It's hard to match an issue to a solution when nobody includes that information in their posts.

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