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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

GaleB wrote:
Did you find a way to resolve this issue? I am having the exact same problem.

GaleB - unfortunately, I never found what was casing this.  The problem just went away on its own.  I still will see the Red-X icon when I first start up the computers, as network connectivity is being established but that is to be expected.  It now goes away as soon the the computer is ready to work on.  Good luck on your end.  I hope you can find a solution.

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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

Same problem and in addition to the inability to print using VPN, the 6700 is going back to the store. I didn't have any of these problems with the LexmarK I had previously. Terribly disappointed with the product.
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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

same problem  with my new 4620. problem is unable to print when this happens.


must power off/on the printer to get it working, for a while.

tried 'HP print and scan doctor', does not report errors but printed test page never comes out.

errort message follows, "unable to communicate" with the printer.

the 'HP 4620 printer assisant' can howerver see the ink level.

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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

Jento - the problem you are discribing sounds very different than my original issue.  I never had a problem printing.  My problem when it was happening was that I could not scan and send the results to my laptop.

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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

This is must be a fairly common problem. We have an 8600 on a wireless network. The "please remove and re-install your software" works for about a week and then it fails. This gets pretty tiresome. It works fine on my macbook pro but my windows based machines keep getting this error. HP do something! Your customers expect more.
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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

I have the same issue

3 Computers, 2 laptops and a desktop.

2 Officejet Pro 8600 Plus  Printers

The laptops have no problem with scan to computer from either printer.

The Desktop worked for a bit then it didn’t. Reinstalled the software more times then I care to mention in the end I reinstalled the operating system.

Scan to computer worked for a bit then it stopped again (both printers).

Again I have tried reinstalling the software so multiple times but to no avail.

The only difference I can see is the Desktop is wired into the hub while the laptops are both wireless.

It did seem to happen directly after an HP software update, but can’t be sure.

None of the computers are running anything special all Windows 8 (With Classic Shell start button) Office 2010.

Router – TP Link N600

Printers both Wireless but have tried wired.

I can supply you with any information you require in regards to systems and network.

I hope you can help as scan to computer is needed most on the desktop.


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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message



Same problem here. "Scan to computer is currently unavailable." What a disappointment. Why should I have to reinstall drivers repeatedly to overcome a problem that shouldn't be there in the first place?  Microsoft and HP (two of the biggest and most recognizable names in personal computing) should solve this before the product ever goes to market.


I have a desktop with Windows 7.  I have an HP 4620.  The desktop is hard wired to the wireless router, the printer is connected via wireless. Printing works fine.


The ink (which absolutely positively must be genuine HP ink for the thing to work correctly - and sometimes even that causes problems when my girlfriend tries to print something from her wireless laptop) is too expensive to use for daily printing (I have an old Samsung laser printer for that), so the only thing this thing is good for (besides the occasional fax or copy) is scanning files to my computer, and it always requires extra hassle just to make that happen.


If I wanted to connect a USB cable to my scanner again, I could have kept my old one. Wireless scanning was the feature I was most excited about, and now I have to fight with it to get it to work correctly. Nice job folks. 


It would be really impressive if you guys could send me a firmware/driver update and the thing would just do what the package said it would do.



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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

Exact same issues with Deskjet 3520.  It is very frustrating.   It is pathetic that if I want to scan a doc I spend 30 minutes screwing with the printer to get it to work as advertised..... argh.


I have Adobe Acrobat Std so thankfully I can default to creating PDF (most of what I do) directly from there and using the 3520 TWAIN driver.  Works great.


The point is that there is a 'scan' option on my printer's menu... and it is useless!


Back to Costco I think for this thing.....





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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

[ Edited ]

I had the same issue being discussed here and after several days of working at it, I finally fixed it today.

Hopefully I can help someone else.


In my case, I'm running windows 7.  64 bit.   When windows 7 first came out, computers pre-loaded with that operating system came with the 64 bit version, not the 32 bit.  Not sure why.  Even though my OS is 64 bit, I almost always have to use the 34 bit version of software.  I cant ever remember a 64 bit version of anything being compatable with Windows 7 64 bit.  Odd, but then again - its microsoft....


In this problem - it was the just the opposite - the 32 bit caused the issue and only the 64 bit would work.


Initially I tried EVERYthing - uninstalling and reinstalling the printer I dont know how many times; turning things on and off in system services; upgrading firmware; upgrading software; trying wireless and USB connection; going through my registry to remove every trace of the old software, etc.  Nothing worked.


Then I found the windows 7 64 bit driver for the printer, installed it and just like that - everything worked.  Not only did the communication errors and scan errors go away, but I now have a whole new menu I can access for the printer that gives me features I never knew existed.


If you download the software and driver bundle, you get the 32 bit driver; if you need the 64 bit - you must download it by itself.


So - for those of you who are running windows 7 and experiencing this issue - check to see what version you are running - 32 or 64 bit and if its 64 bit then uninstall the software, uninstall the printer, reboot your computer, then install the 64 bit driver and the problem should be gone.  Note - if you are hooking up via USB cord, unplug the USB cord from the back of the printer during this process - the new driver .exe will tell you when to plug it in.


Here's the link to the Windows 7 64 bit driver for the 8600 series printer:


If that doesn't work, then try this:


Hope this helps.

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Re: Scan to Computer is currently unavailable Message

[ Edited ]

I am running win XP SP3 and trying to use HP 8600.


When I boot my computer, scan works fine.


If I start Cisco VPN, scan disappears.  However, I can still use a web page to see the printer as C-VPN preserves the local network (


When I quit C-VPN, I still cannot scan.  I cannot find any documentation of the way in which HP software configures the scanner.  I can go to Officjet software and see the printer.


Then, sometime later, the scan function will work using the OFficejet software.  However, it wont work iwth the HP scan shortcut.


Here is another rub


If I have a shortcut on the desktop that points to

"C:\Program Files\HP\HP Officejet Pro 8600\Bin\HPScan.exe"

i get an error that the scanner is not available.


However, if I type that line into a cmd prompt, then it works just fine (VPN off)



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