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Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

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Hi All,


As of now, only basic drivers available for Window 8.


For USB connection:

Just connect the printer via USB cable to the Windows8, you should be able to print and scan.

For scan applicaiton, you can use Microsoft Paint->File->Scanner or Camera


For Network Connection:

You can use add printer wizard to add the the printer via network for Windows 8.


To Scan, use the webscan. Here is the step on how to do it :


Our full solution for Windows 8 will be on soon,once the Windows 8 officially reased by MS.

Just one month away :smileyhappy:


Similar to Win 7, hp software for Win 8 will be availble on 

Thanks for being supportive to HP
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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

Windows 8 is out and availbale to corporate customers, on Enterpise Agreements and Select already and has been for a few weeks.


When can we expect the scanner and hp solutions centre software for windows 8.  I would have thought it should have been released when windows 8 was released to manufactuer?

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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

To help customers successfully use their products with Windows 8, HP has identified recommended drivers per product. Please visit the following support documents for more information:


HP LaserJet – Printers, MFPs, and All-in-Ones supported in Windows  8


HP Scanjet – Scanners supported in Windows 8


For HP Business Inkjet, Designjet, Deskjet, Officejet, Photosmart, PSC, or another supported product, go to Supported Printers for Windows 8.


HP understands that Microsoft has released a Windows 8 Release Preview version. HP is not currently supporting any Windows Release Preview operating system versions. If you have any questions about the Windows 8 Release Preview, please refer to the Microsoft’s web site at

I am an HP employee.

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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

Thanks AuntieEm.


Windows 8 is not preview it is relesed to enterpise customers.


Also Supported Printers for Windows 8     link does not work in your reply.




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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

Downloaded Windows 8 Retail version using my MSDN license and now like everyone else I can't run the Solution Centre. Whilst the Webscan is a work around its a poor cousin when it comes to scanning. How will I find out when the Win 8 version is ready to be downloaded, waiting waiting......, Wife getting angrier with me by the day

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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

I am unable to print from my hp p1005 laserjet printer after upgrading to windows 8. Any solutions for the above?

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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

FYI: HP Windows 8 Drivers strikes out on both of my printers...

1. My p1006 -> doesn't work.
"Today, a solution for your printer is not available for Windows 8. However, a driver update will be available in early 2013."


2. My HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One Printer - G510n-z
"HP Officejet Full Feature Software and Driver" isn't full feature. It doesn't include the scanning application. Have to use
Windows Scan and Fax - No pdf scans... Picture scan area can't be selected.
"How to Scan: Windows 8"


Any idea when I might be able to use either of my HP printers with Windows 8?


Isn't it "early 2013" already?



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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers


well, we are still waiting.  For a company that is suipposedly on the "cutting edge", it is incomprehensible why thay can't get ahead of the curve and get the drivers updated.  Win 8 has been out for quite some time & we still get "no results found" when searching for printer drivers.  I do get the "use Win 7" reply8, but so far those drivers, although they work on my  LaserJet 4250DTN, the print footprint has shifted for almost all of my 32 bit oftware.  Software that is designed by Microsoft (Office 13, for example) prints, but positioning is incorrect.


Wake up and smell the coffee & give us some support!  After all, we buy your products, pay a premium price and should receive at least a modicum of support.

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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I'm sorry but this is a peer-to-peer community of HP customers, and not a venue to contact HP directly. Most of the users here are consumers like yourself who are offering solutions because they like to help others, and any HP employees you see are here on their own capacity and not representing the company.

If you have additional or direct feedback for HP about their products or services, or questions about repair, you can use the link below for contact information.

If you have other questions and concerns about using the forum, please feel free to send me a private message.


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Re: Windows 8 Drivers for HP printers

I found that I can't contact HP directly because my printers are out of warranty, so I used this forum instead.    It seems to me that a lack of a Windows 8 drivers and poor application support from HP isn't a warranty issue.     I posted experience for everyone to see, HP included.    I'm not interested in being redundant.


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