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won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

I have tried twelve ways to Sunday to get my new Laserjet P1102w to print.  The install, which occurred today, seems to be okay.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software a couple of times.  A test page is promptly produced upon completion of each install.  But when I try to print a document, it never makes it to the printer.  Rather, the print jobs just pile up in a queue in the printer dialogue box on the computer, which I periodically clear.


I have run the HP diagosntic tool.  It tells me everything is fine.


I have installed the printer  to an HP Optiplex running Windows7 64-bit.  It is on a network, but I have deskadmin access.


All of the lights on the printer seem to be in proper order.  Nothing linking, just a steady glowing green light.


The question is, why I can't get printing comands to go from my computer (where they show up in the queue) to printer.


At one point I wondered if something was wrong with the USB cord.  It is long, 16 feet.  But it works well enough to produce the test page on each install.


Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated.


Thank you.





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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

HI Minonk,


The connection may be at fault; the fact that you can get that test page to print means that it's probably OK.  If you can swap out a new cable, try this after everything else and maybe move the printer closer for a test.  Again, this is if everyting else fails....


Try restarting the spooler.  There are a couple of ways to do this.  You can pick - they are essentially the same thing and it's just a matter of which way is more comfortable for you.



Control Panel > icon view > Administrative Tools > Services > Scroll down .. look for > Print Spooler > Click on Restart the Service




  • Start > search / type > "cmd" > Click on "Cmd.exe"
    Type net stop spooler then press the Enter key


SideBar:  If you need to remove print jobs from the queue, you can do this here with:


  • Type del %windir%\system32\spool\printers\*.* /q then press the Enter key


Note: the only spaces in this command are a single space between del and %, and a single space between * and /q


  • Type net start spooler then press the Enter key
  • Type exit then press the Enter key to exit Cmd.exe



It is my pleasure to assist.


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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

I am having the same problem.  I have used 3 different USB cables. The only way I can get this to print is to restart the print spooler.  This is not an acceptable solution.  If I had to do it once it might be okay, but not everytime I want to print

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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB



I agree that starting the spooler everytime is not an acceptable solution to complete a print job.


Your issue is chronic, and is probably suffering a different root cause from that of an occasional failure.


I have an idea for you to try: 

Bypass the spooler - see if that helps get the job to the printer.  This is a "work around".  It is not intended to diagnose, only to provide relief of the symptoms.


Control Panel > icon view > Printers > Right-Click your Printer > Properties >

Advanced > SELECT "Print Directly to the Printer"



You might wish to start a new thread to gain the attention of our Printer experts if you need more help.  Please provide your Operating System, how long the problem has existed, and any other details that might help... are you using the printing software?  Were you ever able to print wirelessly?  Do you print from Word, from a browser?  Any detail could be significant ...



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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

I am having the same problem but with a macbook and a hp C4280 printer.  Help please. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, unplugged, shut down. What next.

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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

I'm having the same issue with my Mac Pro. Any advice on this one?

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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

Hi. Sir you need to replaced your USB CABLE because it is very much long 16", use the common length of the USB CABLE. I encountered that problem before, when I used the NORMAL SIZE of the USB CABLE I never see the problem again. THANKS..
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Re: won't print - Laserjet P1102w - new install via USB

Posting this here for anyone having this trouble with the printer over network.  We had a whole department having issues with this printer.


The solution was to go to "Devices and Printers".


Right click on the printer and select "Printer Properties".


Go to the "Ports" tab.


The printer will probably be set up with a WSD port.  This is what Windows, and the printer software, set up as default and it is the cause of the problem with the spooler / printer freezing up after printing one page.


To fix, select "Add Port".


Choose "Standard TCP/IP Port".  Press the "New Port" button.


A wizard will pop up. Click next, enter in the "Printer Name or IP Address" information.


Select Next and finish out of the setup wizard.


Now you will be back in the "Printer Properties" window with the "Ports" tab selected.


The selected port should now be the "Standard TCP/IP Port" you created.


Apply your changes and close out

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