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AMD C-60 print/scanner software installer patch

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I was trying to install our HP OfficeJet 4860J on my Netbook which is based on an AMD C-60 CPU (running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit). The installer was freshly downloaded from the HP website with no errors. The installer simply does not start, or when I run the "hpzsetup.exe" contained with the extraction directory, I receive an error that the program cannot start.


I did my own research and stumbled upon an HP support page, that states that the drivers are having problems with computers based on the C-50 or C-60 AMD processor architecture. This is the page:


However, the patch that is offered there, to patch the actually install files as I understand, is not available for download. The FTP server the download link leads to ( is unavailable. Also, I would require the patch for the C-60 CPU.


Can anyone help with this please? A Google search only takes me back to the HP support page with the inactive download link again.

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Re: AMD C-60 print/scanner software installer patch


The link attached to the document do work correctly,

it seems as a ")" was somehow attached at the end of the link within your post


Download the patch using the link below, it do work:


Be sure to use the patch as listed by the document.



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Re: AMD C-60 print/scanner software installer patch

Thanks for your response. The bracket was most likely added by this post, because I copied the hyperlink of the HP support page I found the link on, so that wasn't my doing. I tried downloading the file at three different locations (on different internet connections, different browsers and different computers) to no avail.


I did get it though from the different source. Not sure what the problem is, since I was able to download the drivers themselves from HP. Either way, thanks for your response and the patch does fix the installation issue for this kind of CPU.

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Re: AMD C-60 print/scanner software installer patch



I have AMD C-60 and have the same problem BUT I run Windows 8.1 (tried before upgrade on Windows 8.0), which 'setup' didn't start.

The patch look like the solution, but the patch.exe give progress bar like extracting.. then asking for the folder.. something strange here.. "default path" is disable, can't select. And when browse to folder and click ok. Nothing happen. No file in the folder. Also try to extract with Win7 PC (Intel) same problem.

So, seem to be that before I can solve "full software installation/setup", I need to solve 'Patch setup/extracting' first.

Please help.

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Re: AMD C-60 print/scanner software installer patch

Sae problem here.  I'm trying to install the HP Scanjet 200 on an ACER Aspire one 722 with an AMD c60 proccessor.


However neither thhe installation nor the C50 patch offered in the other post is able to run on my lap top. I've come accross a lot of downolad links to a solution for this problem however when opened they all say that the page does not exist anymore... HP help please!

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