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Re: Defective Ink Jet Cartridge

Here is another hp60xl defective. bought in Fl last month....

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Re: Defective Ink Jet Cartridge

I have a defective #95 cartridge.  Can I get a replacement.   

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You would need to call support or return it to the store...

You would need to call support or return it to the store that you purchased it from. The support number is 1-800-474-6836 and you can find the warranty information for cartridges at the following link:
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Re: You would need to call support or return it to the store...

You can't return inks to Wal-Mart if they are opened, I just went today to return my defective combo pack and they wouldnt give me my money back or give me a replacement and I had my original receipt. I filed a complaint online with Wal-Mart because there is nothing posted about returning ink cartriges that are opened and I also sent a ticket to HP

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Re: Defective Ink Jet Cartridge

Getting in touch with someone is impossible. Most companies post a warranty address and form to complete. Send it in and they will deal with you. No place to send it and no one to talk to. I just put in a new cartridge that was at the end of the warranty but not expired and still brand new in the package. 19 pages later if failed. This has happended more than once. I could have gone to the copy shop and paid $1/page and saved money--and not had to buy the lousy HP Printer. Monday ahead. I won't buy another HP printer if this is the way it is trying to get a simple problem fixed. I don't mind the problem. I mind the fact that there problem isnt there problem--it's mine. Pathetic.

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Re: Defective Ink Jet Cartridge

It's funny. I also got a defective black ink cart.#60XL (nothing printing out which is black. only color printing is working.) and I was about to go to contact HP to replace it. Then I reached here. Everyone says it's impossible to contact HP for replacement the defective cart. I'm glad not to waste my time too much but I'm very upset I wasted my money and about worthless HP warranty.


Want to say Bob_headrick here. You are repeatly saying like Check the warranty information as shown hereVery annoying actually. Yes I read it again and again. Then what? Retailers don't accept the opened cartridge. There is no contact point on HP for the defective ocartridge. Ink cartridge is also one of stand alone HP products, isn't it? I'm pretty sure the new cartridge had a problem because there is no problem when I test out with old cartridge even it has a few ink in it. I don't understand why HP needs my printer s/n. There is no doubt it's cartridge problem.


What will happen if I let them know my printer's s/n? I'm sure they will ask me to try something what I already did tons of times to solve the problem my self. Then what?


There is no door for the defective ink cartridge. Please let me know what should I do then.

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Re: Defective Ink Jet Cartridge

To contact HP in the US call 1-800-HPINVENt.  Elsewhere see the contact information here. In the phone tree there should be an option early on for either cartridge or printer warranty support.  For cartrdige issues you should choose the cartridge path. 

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