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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I've had the same problems. Finally, after going into [My Computer} and accessing [Manage} and the Printer tab, I cleared the spooler and got it to print out. However, this is unacceptable on any level for any printer. Printers are supposed to PRINT, without a lot of backflips to get them to do it. I once said that my old Dell/Lexmark was junk, but it DID print on a regular basis, without having to get too technical.


Note to HP management ... even products sold as 'loss leaders' are supposed to WORK PROPERLY.


If I can solve the problem of this printer, fine, we'll keep it until it's obsolete. If I have to reinstall it again, that's the end of it. 

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Hi! I also have problem with my HP deskjet D1660  printer. The button light always links.  I restarted it for how many times and I also tried to hold it for 5-10 seconds. still it blinking continues. I even remove it from the plug etc. What shall I do? thank you

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

same problem described, windows 7 ultimate. tried the solutions indicated in this post with no luck. shouldn't hp official support give an answer to this problem?



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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I am having the same problem and did the same thing, bought new printer and it is doing the same thing

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

Uncheck Enable Bidirectional on the Ports tab of Printer Properties.   I had the same problem

and found that this solved it.

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I was about to throw the printer out because it would not release from the queue and print the documents.  it only did it after i had switched the PC off & then back on again - then it printed.

Disenabled bi-directional and ok now!

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

The model number HP Deskjet D1660.


Method 1:
You may refer to the below links and use the troubleshooters. Check if it lists and helps resolve any issues: Open the Printer troubleshooter:


Method 2:
You may check if you have the latest drivers installed for the device. You may refer to the below link for getting the latest drivers and check.
HP Deskjet D1660 Driver


Good Luck..

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Re: HP Deskjet D1660 problems!!!

I had same problems described in this forum.  My solution involded two different posts that I summarize below:

1. -I just restarted my computer, (plugging in the printer's USB cord in first), and the printer installed itself without the need for the CD. and now works!

2.- On Windows 7.  Go to "Devices and Printers" Right click on HP 1600 (or 1660) click on Printer Properties and go to Ports tab once in there at the bottome you must uncheck "Enable Biderectional Support".  No checks remember that.


Voila!  This thing now works.  I guess HP wanted to make me sweat the $30 I paid for it.



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